Highlighting of a bang – whether is necessary and as it is correctly to make it

Because the coloring zone rather small is also accurately allocated, it is necessary to show consideration for distribution of locks very much. It isn’t less important to track that extent of clarification of bulk of hair and a bang was identical – even dispersion of century. The bang – very… Read more »

Whether it is possible to do highlighting during the monthly? Councils of hairdressers and also how and when to streak hair?

Whether do highlighting during monthly and than procedure during this period threatens, it is possible to learn from the provided information. If you had an experience of coloring of hair during monthly or some days before them earlier, color thus undertook the necessary shade and not. At the address to… Read more »

Fashionable painting of hair 2017 on short, average and long hair

The fashion of News of fashion Painting of hair 2017 – what coloring will be fashionable in new year? Tendencies in coloring of hair 2017. Fashionable coloring on short hair 2017. Each great lady wants to be beautiful and therefore pays huge attention to the appearance. Sometimes considerably to change… Read more »