Balms for coloring of hair: review of the best means

Who suits balms? At once It should be noted that balms for coloring aren’t intended for cardinal change of a hair color, as usual paints. Such means will allow to refresh color after coloring.

Balms for coloring of hair: review of the best means

Balms for coloring of hair

If there is a strong wish to change a hair color, but thus to keep their health, it is possible to use not resistant paints, but balms for coloring. But to achieve the best results, it is necessary to find out some rules of application and to choose the best means.

What it for means?

Ottenochny balm is the cosmetic intended for maintenance or change of a hair color. Only the sparing painting pigments are its part. Peroxides of hydrogen, ammonia and other aggressive components doesn’t contain here so coloring will be careful and almost safe.

Who suits balms?

At once It should be noted that balms for coloring aren’t intended for cardinal change of a hair color, as usual paints. Such means will allow to refresh color after coloring, to make more saturated a natural shade or to change tone a little.


The effect won’t be durable. This results from the fact that dyes don’t get into structure of hair, and remain only on their surface. And at each washing pigments will be gradually washed away. Usually means is washed away completely already through 5-10 procedures of washing of the head with shampoo use.

Balms for coloring of hair: review of the best means

Options of means

Advantages and shortcomings

For a start we will list advantages the ottenochnykh of balms:

  • By means of such means it is possible to refresh quickly and easily color or to change the available shade a little.
  • Use of these means doesn’t harm to hair and it is considered safe and harmless.
  • You will be able to change color often, for example, time in two months.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Convenience of application. The consistence of means allows to distribute easily and quickly it on all length of hair.

Now shortcomings:

  • It is impossible to call any balm resistant. Color will be washed away anyway at each washing of the head.
  • As the painting pigments remain on a surface of hair, they can move and on other subjects adjoining to hair, for example, on bed linen, towels, headdresses and so on.
  • There are some restrictions. So, at visit of a bath, and also during bathing in the pool or in open reservoirs the part of dyes can flow down on a face and a body and to soil skin. For this reason it isn’t recommended to plunge into water and to kill hair. Besides, it is possible to be soiled and after a rain.
Balms for coloring of hair: review of the best means

The most important — balms don’t harm to hair

How to use?

Any balm has the instruction on application in which all actions are precisely described. But there are some general moments:

  • Balms are applied on the washed-up and slightly moist hair. So at first it is necessary to wash up the head by means of shampoo, then to blot ringlets with a towel and to dry them a little. When drawing on dirty locks dyes simply won’t be late on a surface, and procedure will be useless. And drawing on dry ringlets will be the extremely inconvenient, will raise an expense, and also will do harm.
    Balms for coloring of hair: review of the best means

    At application follow the instruction

  • Before drawing structure don’t forget to put on a glove, otherwise you will soil hands.
  • Important evenly and carefully to distribute balm on all length of hair. At uneven drawing the result will strongly differ from the desirable. So, on ringlets there can be not painted over sites that will look as negligent spots.
  • For increase of efficiency of procedure of coloring it is necessary to put on a special hat or a plastic bag after distribution of structure to the head. It will allow to record pigments on a surface of ringlets and to make color more saturated.
  • Hold time is specified in the instruction and depends on desirable color and the purposes. Usually it varies within 10-40 minutes. If you want to refresh only a shade, time has to be minimum. If it is necessary to receive saturated tone, increase an interval. But anyway don’t exceed the most admissible time!
  • After the specified time it is necessary to wash up the head flowing water. It is necessary to wash away means until water doesn’t become transparent. For washing off it isn’t necessary to use shampoo.


Some recommendations:

  1. Carefully choose a shade. If you doubt, stop a choice on the natural tone close to your natural.
  2. Don’t use balm after the procedures meaning chemical impact on hair. In this case the end result can strongly differ from desirable, after all components of means can react with the substances which are already available on a surface of ringlets.
  3. You shouldn’t mix balms, it can make results unpredictable.
  4. Blondes aren’t recommended to choose dark shades as coloring can be uneven, and color will differ from declared by the producer.
  5. If you want to change slightly a shade, before drawing dilute ottenochny balm with usual balm or the conditioner.
  6. You shouldn’t use balms too often. One application of times in 3-4 weeks will be enough.

Review of means

The most popular balms:

  • Concept Fresh Up balm is used for revival of color and its maintenance. Linseed oil, glycerin, beeswax, lecithin and dyes are a part. And thanks to such components means not only improves a shade, but also feeds and moistens ringlets, doing them brilliant and healthy. Color scale quite wide. As show responses, means of this brand really allow to change color and thus to keep health of hair.
  • Kapous Life Color balm is used for giving of gloss and refreshing of the available color. In total 6 shades are offered: copper, sand, brown, violet, garnet red, and also dark eggplant. Responses meet the different. Some claim that shades differ from declared, and ringlets become fragile and dry.
    Balms for coloring of hair: review of the best means

    Kapous Life Color balm

  • Ottenochny means “Headlight” are presented in various color options. But, as show responses, results often differ from promised by the producer.
  • Irida Ton balm — ottenochny means which will allow both to refresh natural color, and to change a shade. The palette is wide, the most different are presented tone: both noble natural, and bright and unusual. Such balm in bags is issued, each of which contains 25 ml of structure and is intended for single application. Many note convenience of use, a saturation of final color and reasonable price. But some notice deterioration of a condition of hair. Besides, the shade can differ from the desirable.
  • Color Lux balm from “Bielita” if to trust responses, is one of the best. The palette is wide, and shades saturated and bright. Drawing convenient. Besides, many noted noticeable improvement of a condition of hair. They become volume, brilliant and attractive.
    Balms for coloring of hair: review of the best means

    Color Lux balm

  • “L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert”. These means are presented in two series: for blondes and owners of dark hair. Responses in the majority the positive. Many are pleased not only results, but also a condition of hair.
  • “Estel Solo Ton” deserves attention. 18 shades, among which both natural, and unusual are offered. As show responses, tone saturated and bright. But some differ from the declared. And the condition of hair at frequent use can worsen.

Use balms for coloring correctly to receive desirable results.