Whether pregnant women can dye hair: opinion of experts

Contents. 1. Signs and opinions of future mothers. 2. Opinion of doctors. Coloring by chemicals perhaps, only if hair are healthy. A choice for you. Let’s sum up the results: whether it is possible to dye hair during pregnancy?

Pregnancy – a wonderful time, after all this origin of new life! Future mother for nine months lives in expectation of the birth of a miracle, tries to eat properly and more often to happen in the fresh air, drinks vitamins and implements recommendations of the doctor. Often women in delicate situation reflect, whether pregnant women can dye hair, to do highlighting or a kolorirovaniye? After all and attractive there is a wish to be charming always, and not well-groomed hairdress with the dark grown roots or gleams of a gray hair for a long time can spoil mood.

Signs and opinions of future mothers

Whether pregnant women can dye hair: opinion of experts

There is a set of the signs and beliefs connected with hair, the most widespread: they can’t be cut. Roots of this sign grow from old times when was considered that in hair vital energy of the person is concluded and, cutting off them, it is possible to do harm not only itself, but also not given rise life.

When the woman — the owner of long hair, problems doesn’t arise. But how to arrive if the hairstyle demands leaving and correction? Before the childbirth to go with roughly grown locks?

From the medical point of view this sign has under itself no bases, can’t do harm to health the woman, child at all. Want to look stylishly – go to a hairdressing salon! You doubt and trust signs, then listen to nobody, after all the main thing that you felt quiet and sure.

Other question consists in, whether it is possible to be painted during pregnancy. The painting structure comprises chemical compounds, often with a pungent smell and aggressive influence. May they do much harm? Here situation not so unambiguous.

Most of future mothers selectively belong to cosmetics and means for leaving, giving preferences to natural recipes which can be prepared to houses from herbs and natural products.

Sometimes, that hair split, lose gloss, drop out. For their strengthening use a nettle decoctions, a burdock, a St. John’s Wort. Masks and compresses for hair from honey, cottage cheese, eggs enjoy wide popularity. Try to rinse hair with kefir, serum. All these means nourish head skin, sate with useful microcells, increase blood circulation.

Opinion of doctors

Whether pregnant women can dye hair: opinion of experts

Quite often in female consultation of the woman ask the doctor, whether pregnant women can dye hair paint. The modern medicine doesn’t see for this purpose obstacles. To the child harmful substances, and their impact on skin so slightly aren’t transmitted through hair, what even at hit in blood they have no negative impact. Besides the placenta acts as a powerful board for protection of the child.

Another thing is that many paints contain ammonia and other strongly smelling components which can make sick or a headache future mother.

All vitals are formed at the child in the first three months therefore refrain from coloring till 12th week. As they say, God helps those who help themselves.

In general doctors take a neutral position especially as special researches of impact of a hair-dye on a fruit anybody and never saw off. Gynecologists recommend to paint hair as required and to use the sparing means.

Besides, in a waiting time of the child the hormonal background changes, and coloring can yield absolutely unexpected result – paint can lay down roughly or at all not “work”. Manifestation of an allergy to any component even if before it wasn’t as the organism sharply reacts now to changes isn’t excluded.

Beautifully and safely without chemistry

Whether pregnant women can dye hair: opinion of experts

As a part of factory paints almost always there is an ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, resorcin and other chemicals. They make sick, a headache, irritate a nasopharynx and provoke cough. In delicate situation it is desirable to refuse use of means with these components.

There is a set of ways of coloring which won’t bring discomfort to mother, future kid.

Ottenochny balm

If you made the decision not to use resistant chemical paints, it is possible to dye hair by means of coloring shampoos or balms. These means create a film which envelops a hair, and the painting elements don’t get into its structure. They are harmless and easily give a desirable shade. It is rather simple to wash up the head.

In minuses it is possible to refer fragility and impossibility cardinally to change color but only to emphasize the existing. But if to use regularly, this problem is solved.

Henna and basma

Whether pregnant women can dye hair: opinion of experts

Henna is received from the dried-up and crushed henna leaves – the bush growing in tropical climate. It gives a red shade for fair-haired and golden – to owners of dark hair. Besides, perfectly strengthens and well influences hair and head skin.

Basma – the crushed indigo leaves, a tropical bush. It is similar to henna both on useful properties, and on application. It can turn you into the burning brunette or give to hair dark-chestnut color. In pure form the basma isn’t used, it is mixed with henna in various proportions for receiving this or that shade.

Dissolve henna or a basma with water before receiving gruel and apply it on dry hair, put on a cellophane hat and warm a towel. Time of coloring depends on natural color and a desirable shade: of 40 minutes fair-haired and till one and a half o’clock for dark hair.

Try to experiment with shades. Remember that the more long you hold mix, the more intensively there will be a color.

  1. The bronze. Two parts of henna and one part of a basma.
  2. Burningly – black. Henna and a basma in identical shares.
  3. Color of mahogany. Henna and 3-4 teaspoons of cocoa.
  4. The golden-fair-haired. Bag of henna and 2 teaspoons of natural coffee.
  5. The bright golden. To mix broth of a camomile with henna.

Great-grandmother's means

Don’t neglect natural means of hair-dyeing which still our great-great-grandmothers used. They possess the strengthening action, give the volume and splendor.

  1. Onions peel. You know, what beautiful color turns out at eggs when you boil them in an onions peel for Easter. Try to use it for giving of a shade to hair. The way is simple. Take a little dry peel, add waters and you boil minutes 20-30. Let it will be drawn and will cool down. Apply the received weight on hair and sustain not less than half an hour. As a result the reddish-chestnut shade will turn out.
  2. Camomile. Camomile broth will give an easy zolotistost to a fair hair. He clarifies, strengthens, removes a skin inflammation. For broth preparation you boil three tablespoons of a dry camomile in 500 grams of water not less than 30 minutes. Cool, filter, rinse hair.
  3. Walnut. The peel of young nuts will help to paint hair in a chestnut shade if to cook it within half an hour in water liter. The saturation of color depends on quantity of raw materials.

These means have two shortcomings – their use has to be regular, and the necessary shade won’t turn out from the first.

Councils of hairdressers

Whether pregnant women can dye hair: opinion of experts

Surely listen to opinion of professional masters.

  1. Before pregnancy give preference to the shades which are the most approached to your natural that with growth of hair change of color not strongly was evident.
  2. Try to use the painting means not more often than once in two-three months.
  3. Carry out the test for sensitivity of skin for a wrist or an elbow bend.
  4. Try to paint one lock for definition of result that because of the changed hormonal background not to receive an unexpected hair color.
  5. Don’t use resistant paints on the basis of ammonia, use organic to dyes.
  6. Highlighting can become alternative.
  7. Use the sparing dyes: coloring shampoo, henna, broths of herbs.
  8. It is necessary to dye hair as required, for example, at emergence of a gray hair.
  9. It is best of all to plan a campaign in a hairdressing salon for early morning. Be the first client, and smells from former procedures won’t disturb you.
  10. If it is your first experience of coloring, refrain from it to more opportunity after the delivery.
  11. Surely report to the master about the delicate situation, he will pick up to you safe coloring or will offer alternative methods. And during procedure will minimize contact of chemical reagents with skin.
  12. Coloring by chemicals perhaps, only if hair are healthy.

Choice for you

Let’s sum up the results: whether it is possible to dye hair during pregnancy? Undoubtedly! The woman has to be attractive always, the mood, so, and health of future kid depends on appearance.

Someone feels beautiful without additional manipulations with hair, and someone needs additional leaving. Anyway, future mother herself solves, whether to trust councils to grandmothers on a shop or regularly to go to a hairdressing salon and to look on everything 100.

Avoid the use of resistant aggressive paints, use the sparing coloring methods without ammonia, pay attention to natural and natural components, and then your hair will look perfectly, and to your health and future kid nothing will do much harm.