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Masks for hair in house conditions: the best recipes for all types of hair

Efficiency of masks for hair. The masks prepared in house conditions are very effective. Under warming hour is maintained. The offered masks for hair are recognized the best as differ in speed and ease of preparation in the usual. For the purpose of the decision various the trikhologicheskikh of problems… Read more »

Mask for hair with pepper: how to prepare and apply in house conditions

One of the most popular cosmetics which can be prepared with ease in house conditions, the mask is for. As it is correct to apply pepper masks. If you decided to try wonderful forces of a mask for hair from red pepper, surely. The modern cosmetic industry offers a huge… Read more »

Mask for hair with burdock oil in house conditions with honey, cognac, vitamins A and e

Basic care behind hair is always carried out in house conditions. And the irreplaceable assistant at the solution of the problems which are excessively dropping out. Than burdock hair and head skin oil is useful. Additional ingredients for masks with burdock oil. Basic care behind hair is always carried out… Read more »

Cucumber for hair: advantage, masks and reviews of application

It is easy to make them in house conditions and deshёvo. Nutritious cucumber mask. Is suitable for any type of hair, in particular it is recommended for the injured ringlets. Details It is published 24.11.2015 16:04 Since ancient times cucumbers were one of the most popular cosmetics. And it isn’t… Read more »

Masks for strengthening of hair in house conditions. From loss, for growth. Recipes

The strengthening masks for dry hair. Dry ringlets demand special leaving. If they became fragile, they need to be strengthened, using natural ingredients: bananas, sprouted. Recipes of the strengthening onions mask for hair for preparation in house conditions Competent care of ringlets provides them health and beauty. The effective procedures… Read more »