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Masks for hair with coconut oil in house conditions: responses how to make

Recipes of masks on the basis of coconut hair oil. Therefore time in half a year I buy to myself a professional tool of Palmy with coco extract, and I do all rest of the time for prevention of a masochka according to national recipes. Recipes of masks on the… Read more »

How to make a mask for hair with essential oils: 3 best recipes

Kastorovy and cedar oils are applied to strengthening of roots of hair and disposal of dandruff. For preparation of a mask of oil, entering a basis, are slightly warmed up on a water bath then essential oils are carefully entered into it, in strict accordance with. kastorovy and cedar oils… Read more »

Masks for hair with oil shi: recipes for different types

Masks for hair with oil shi – enjoy special popularity among young girls and women. It is caused by positive impact on ringlets. At the heart of extract of fruits shi there are nutritious components which influence structure of locks. Masks for hair with oil shi – enjoy special popularity… Read more »