Coffee for hair: coloring and masks

Coloring of hair: henna and coffee. To put some teaspoons of svezhesmoloty coffee in ready paint with henna. A mask from cognac and coffee for hair. Coffee with cognac – this the fragrant refreshing drink. It – a remarkable hair preparation.

Coffee – the invigorating drink which recovers numerous number of people. And whether you reflected to use coffee as natural dye for hair? This natural hair-dye was applied still long ago. By researchers it was proved that this natural cosmetic which well and refreshingly influences growth and strengthening of hair, gives a juicy brownish shade and shine to hair: they turn in elastic and elastic.

Women can solve many problems with the use of an ordinary mask from coffee for hair.

 Remember that after washing of hair, coloring quickly disappears. Therefore that color was resistant, additional components, for example, henna are used.


  • The use of svezhesmoloty coffee will be the good decision. Don’t apply instant coffee or coffee with aromatic additives to these mixes.
  • Fair-haired girls as they, can negatively work on hair can’t use these mixes: they will turn yellow or will darken.
  • Having prepared a mask, for 15 minutes put it behind an ear and observe skin reaction. If you don’t feel any negative feelings, then apply on hair.
  • Coffee mixes are applied with the massing movements on hair roots and don’t apply on all length of hair.
  • Before putting mix the head shouldn’t be washed.
  • After drawing structure on hair to wrap up the head cellophane, and then and a towel.
  • Mix is washed away and without shampoo use.
  • It isn’t recommended to dry hair the hair dryer after coloring of coffee.

Coffee for hair: coloring and masks


  1. Coffee mask

To prepare not really strong natural coffee. To cool, filter, then to rub this mix in hair roots. After procedure to put on a package from polyethylene, and to wait half an hour. To wash up and dry up hair. This procedure makes the strengthening impact on hair. It suits both women, and men.

  1. Coloring of hair: henna and coffee

To put some teaspoons of svezhesmoloty coffee in ready paint with henna. This paint you turn a hair color into more saturated.

  1. Mask from cognac and coffee for hair

Coffee with cognac – this the fragrant refreshing drink. It – a remarkable hair preparation. To take coffee (1 tablespoon), cognac (2 tablespoons), eggs (2 pieces) and to mix to a homogeneous state. According to some recommendations in the beginning coffee need to be made boiled water (2 tablespoons) and to allow to stand for 2-3 minutes. Before drawing this sticky and fluid mask on the head to tie its zhgutiky from unnecessary material and as spots from this structure aren’t erased to cover also clothes. Evenly, rubbing weight, to apply on hair roots. Then strong to wrap up the head a film (food), and from above – a towel for warming.

 It is very necessary for protection from the flowing-down streamlets with this structure on the person. To leave this mix on 1,5chasa and to wash warm water. Egg – remarkable nutritious and good detergent. It together with grains of this natural product excellently washes hair.

By means of this mask dim, lifeless hair take a brilliant and elastic form with an interesting coffee-chestnut shade. You can see result after the first drawing. The effect of coloring will surely please you. This mix is recommended to at whom the dark hair color turned pale or was washed.

This medical structure needs to be done systematically (not less than 1 time in 7 days). To influence hair with some other purpose, advise to use such mixes with olive oil, honey to 2 times in 7 days. In the absence of other offers in the recipe to hold them from 30 to 60 minutes.

  1. Coffee mask with honey and cognac

You want that hair growth was accelerated? Then use the offered mask. To add to cognac (1 tablespoon) ground made by coffee (2 tablespoons) and honey (2 tablespoons). To mix structure. When receiving very dense mix – to pour in cognac. Evenly to impose a mask on length of hair and to wind with food wrap and a towel, to leave for 20 – 30 min., and then to wash.

Coffee for hair: coloring and masks

  1. Coffee mask with cognac and oil

The injured and thinned hair need the following mask. To warm up olive oil to a condition of room temperature. The women having long hair take 1/2 glasses of oil. Then in it to fill 2 or 3 tablespoons of ground coffee, to mix. To divide into two unequal parts. The most part will be applied to hair, and smaller – to roots. For stimulation of hair growth, it is necessary to add to smaller part of this weight 1 h. l. cognac. Then to impose respectively structures on hair and roots. To put on a cap from polyethylene, then to cover a towel and to wash in 60 minutes.

Rezultaa from use of masks of coffee with cognac

  1. Hair became rich and fresh, thanks to the useful substances which are in coffee.
  2. Hair took the sparkling, brilliant form, became dense, with a fine shade of grains of coffee.
  3. Hair started dropping out less often, they became stronger.
  4. Hair growth became more active thanks to cognac which warmed up head skin and strengthened blood inflow.
  5. Coffee mask with onions

The wonderful effect on appearance of hair and their strengthening is rendered by this coffee mask. Ground by coffee (1 h. l.) to make with boiled water (1 tablespoon), then to cool and pour in onions juice, honey, burdock oil (all on 1 tablespoon). In 30 minutes to take ½ glasses of lemon juice to mix with liter of water and to wash away.

Coffee for hair: coloring and masks

Cunnings when coloring

  • Every time when bathing, coffee paint is washed therefore every week it is recommended to paint hair.
  • You will have a rich hair color if you paint with this natural means once in 7 days.
  • The color which turned out after coloring will depend on a shade of your hair. So, for example, brown hair will take more dark and rich look. With each painting hair will become more dark.


  1. hair are cleared by egg white, and a yolk – eat therefore egg needs to be taken completely;
  2. way for restoration of the burned, injured hair are coffee masks with coffee and cognac. This mix needs to be done 2 times in 7 days.
  3. weight is applied on the dirty head.

Advantage of this natural product

Chemical composition of coffee – the well of flavonoids, vitamins which penetrating into head skin, do the positive work.

Coffee for hair: coloring and masks

Treat them:

  • caffeine which tones up and increases head skin resilience to external negative impacts;
  • polyphenols which affect in a strengthening way hair roots and warn a hair loss;
  • antioxidants – natural substances which slow down aging processes, turning hair in elastic and brilliant;
  • carotinoids which add to locks deep color and gloss;
  • hlorogenovy acid – a product with properties of antioxidants, protecting hair from negative impact of temperature differences of air, harmful substances, ultraviolet rays.
  • the B1 vitamin curing the fragile, injured hair;
  • the B2 vitamin stopping a hair loss;
  • the PP vitamin which is responsible for a natural and graceful hair color and not allowing emergence of a premature gray hair;
  • the calcium which is construction material for hair and restoring damages;
  • potassium which is useful at dry hair;
  • phosphorus which guarantees tenderness, elasticity to ringlets;
  • the iron normalizing hypodermic blood circulation at which hair growth becomes active (to 1 – 2 cm a month);
  • the magnesium strengthening walls of blood vessels;

Coffee for hair: coloring and masks

Other advantages of coffee for hair are:

  • safety for hair;
  • the sparing courting behind hair with giving of softness and shine;
  • universality: it suits all types, and seldom there are allergic reactions to it;
  • udobnost in the use: each woman near at hand will have a coffee and after its use it will well be washed away from all parts of a body.

As well as any products, at coffee also have some shortcomings when coloring.

  • Action of coloring exactly can’t be assumed. Looking what shade at hair and what structure, the coffee shade can be not considered accurately.
  • It is impossible to foresee a shade if you aren’t painted with coffee constantly as it on various hair looks differently.
  • Coffee emphasizes a shade, and doesn’t give a saturation to color. So, for example, it doesn’t paint over a gray or fair hair.

Applying masks from coffee, your hair will receive irresistible shine, a fresh and magnificent view. Lovely charming women it is necessary to watch hair as their beauty depends on numerous external and internal factors. Use natural house means for coloring of hair better and you aren’t spent for artificial dyes and be always careful in application. Good luck and eternal irresistible beauty to you.