Coloring of a gray hair: pro-grass, prepigmentation, coloring

How to make coloring of a gray hair correctly? The technology of painting of a gray hair resistant paint passes in 3 stages. We give to hair a natural shade by means of natural means.

Color gives to hair a pigment melanin. With age its development decreases, and in a hair core emptiness which is filled by tiny vials of air is formed, because of it the head of hear grows dull, is clarified, becomes rigid.

However a gray hair not always appears at mature age. The gray hair can sometimes be shown at enough young people, and its emergence “will surely throw” appearance some years. Therefore many people resort to such procedure as coloring of a gray hair.

Reasons of emergence of gray-haired hairs

At first we will note the reasons which cause emergence of a gray hair:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • frequent stresses and depression;
  • bad food and, as a result, lack of an organism of necessary vitamins and microcells;
  • alcohol intake and smoking;
  • disease of heart, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract;
  • excessive impact of sunshine on a head of hear.

As you can see, the way of life directly influences a condition of ringlets. Therefore if you don’t want to become the owner of a gray hair at young age, you watch over health, eat properly and play sports.

Coloring of a gray hair: pro-grass, prepigmentation, coloring

Professional coloring

Coloring of a gray hair resistant paint – the most popular way of their masking. This procedure is much more difficult, than can seem at first sight, after all the head of hear has different shades, and equal and beautiful color has to become result.

If you choose such way, it is better to trust in high-class professionals, after all the good hair stylist will make everything correctly, and you can have a rest and relax during procedure, without doubting the end result.

However some prefer to do coloring of a gray hair in house conditions. In this case it is important to choose a hair-dye correctly. With it you will be helped by the following recommendations:

  • Choose a color shade the closest to your natural (after all your purpose – painting of a gray hair, but not cardinal change of image, for example, from the burning brunette in the blonde). The deviation from a natural shade on 1–2 tones is allowed.
  • In advance think of, whether the received shade will suit you, whether it will be beautiful to be combined with skin color, whether will strengthen small shortcomings.
  • Unfortunately, the sparing means for painting of a gray hair won’t allow to achieve desirable effect therefore it is necessary to choose resistant permanent paints.

Rules of coloring

Coloring of a gray hair has a number of nuances on which it is important to pay attention:

  • Before application of means carrying out the test for allergic reaction is obligatory.
  • Before procedure of coloring refrain from washing of the head with shampoo use. Some days are better to use only the conditioner.
  • Observance of the instruction – a key to success. Amateur performance when painting can turn back unpleasant consequences.
  • Paint needs to be used at once after preparation.
  • Use a brush for drawing structure, and protect hands gloves.
  • Reaction of paint is slowed down in the cool room or at draft. But you shouldn’t muffle up hair too as the oxidizer containing in paint has to react with oxygen.

Coloring of a gray hair: pro-grass, prepigmentation, coloring

Technology of coloring

So, you know, in what color it is better to dye a gray hair. Now it is possible to start consideration of technology of painting of a gray hair. She assumes passing of three stages: pro-grasses, prepigmentation, coloring.

  1. The pro-grass means a softening of locks and their preparation for the most effective influence of dye. Most often for its carrying out use a 6% oxidizer. It is applied on dry hair for 10 minutes then is removed a disposable towel, and hair should be dried the hair dryer. About possibility of carrying out this aggressive procedure it is better to consult to the trichologist.
  2. Prepigmentation. For obtaining equal color before coloring it is necessary to carry out prepigmentation, it assumes painting of radical area in 25 minutes prior to the coloring.
  3. Coloring. So, preparatory stages are passed, it is time to start coloring.
  • It is necessary to begin coloring with a nape where temperature of the head lower and, respectively, reaction of dye is slowed down.
  • You shouldn’t feel sorry for paints, it has to be enough that each filament was painted over.
  • In five minutes prior to washing off of paint it is possible to moisten and rub a few hair for obtaining uniform and resistant color.
  • After washing off it is necessary to apply the balm going complete with paint on ringlets.

Following these simple rules of coloring, it is possible to paint over well and exactly locks.

Leaving after coloring

After coloring of a gray hair careful care of ringlets which includes is necessary:

  • use of shampoo and a dyed hair balm, allowing to keep color for a long time;
  • use of nutritious masks;
  • healthy nutrition and the use of enough water that fill a lack of moisture of ringlets.

Folk remedies for painting of a gray hair

Unfortunately, coloring of the house or in salon ready paints is the real chemical attack on hair and head skin. Not everyone can sustain this procedure without consequences in the form of an allergy, puffiness, lachrymation and the general feeling sick.

Try to dye a gray hair in house conditions safe natural means. Vegetable components will help to give to hair a beautiful natural shade. The most widespread of such means are:

  • Camomile and lime color. The herbs mixed in identical proportions need to be filled in simply with boiled water, to stir, to apply the received gruel on locks for an hour then to rinse hair in water with lemon juice. Regular use of such mask will allow blondes to give to hair pleasant golden color and to get rid of a gray hair.
  • Henna. Add to the mix prepared according to the instruction on packing a little vegetable oil and to steam of tablespoons of tea leaves of black tea. Take structure on hair of hour two, wash away warm water. The turned gray hair painted with henna gets a playful red shade.
  • If to mix henna with basmy, it is possible to receive the painting structure for brown-haired women allowing dark-haired beauties to avoid a gray hair.
  • Coloring of not numerous gray hair is possible by means of natural coffee. Gruel from it needs to be applied on ringlets for an hour – one and a half.
  • Coloring under a gray hair can be carried out by means of rhubarb root broth. It is necessary to take 40 grams of a root of a plant, to fill in with a glass of hot water, to bring to boiling and to cook on slow fire within 40 minutes. Such broth it is necessary to rinse regularly hair after washing.

The transferred funds presented by the nature will allow both to paint, and to revitalize a head of hear. However the effect from their use will be visible not at once, procedures should be repeated regularly.

To get rid of a gray hair not easy, but there is nothing impossible for the person wishing to look fresh and is young. Be faithful to the purposes, lead a healthy lifestyle and don’t forget about daily care of the hair. The gray hair too can be elegant if it is about a well-groomed and stylish hairdress.