Difficult coloring of hair (photo)

Kolorirovaniye for blondes. Owners of a fair hair thanks to difficult coloring can emphasize naturalness of color by means of an otteneniye of several locks.

Kolorirovaniye of hair became rather popular among modern young ladies. It represents coloring of some locks in various colors and shades. Such equipment on change of color still is called difficult coloring as some flowers at the same time can be used. Modern hairdressers create such hairdresses which combine to 20 various shades on hair.

Difficult coloring of hair (photo)

Thanks to similar technology of painting, it is possible to receive improbable result. Kolorirovaniye suits all women regardless of a hair color and its length. Difficult coloring is capable to hide a gray hair, to level color and to add singularity at image. Thanks to such little change in appearance, it is possible to hide what – or shortcomings and to emphasize advantages of the appearance.

Technology of coloring of hair

As it was told earlier, difficult coloring is meant as painting only of some ringlets, both in one shade, and in several. It is also possible to use some shades of one color — it will give naturalness to hair.

Often at a kolorirovaniye it is used from 2 to 10 shades. Paint is applied along all ringlet and in order that it didn’t adjoin to the others, it wrap in a foil. All process of independent repainting can be found in the Internet with detailed photos.

Difficult coloring of hair (photo)

Besides longitudinal coloring it is possible still cross and figured. In this case coloring begins from a root by the end of a hair. Such equipment most of all will suit women and girls with long hair.

Dyes which are used for a kolorirovaniye, often sparing on structure and contain the nutritious elements necessary for hair. It adds gloss and a healthy look even after the most difficult painting. Upon purchase of dye it is necessary to pay attention to structure and it is best of all to buy such which don’t contain ammonia.

The painting means not containing ammonia share on two types are silk and oil dyes.

To achieve the maximum effect of coloring, it is necessary to adhere to several rules, namely:

  • to select color taking into account the color scale;
  • to choose color so that it approached the person and skin color;
  • shades have to look most naturally.

But it not the basic rules at a choice of flowers for coloring. If you want to make cardinally bright color, it needs to be chosen taking into account your hair color. For this reason experts don’t recommend to conduct difficult coloring independently as the result can be absolutely unforeseen. It is independently possible not only spoil a hair color, but also to damage its structure, in that case further it is only necessary to cut off.

Kolorirovaniye for blondes

Owners of a fair hair thanks to difficult coloring can emphasize naturalness of color by means of an otteneniye of several locks. Very well toning will approach. It is best of all to look at a photo on the Internet, what colors as much as possible will approach for such color. In this case coloring happens easy means which don’t get deeply and don’t influence structure. At such kolorirovaniye dyes on hair hold no more than 40 minutes.

After time it is necessary to wash out the head usual shampoo and to put a nutritious mask. Thanks to such kolorirovaniye paint is washed away gradually and the side between the growing hair and the painted part is almost not noticeable. Toning of hair not only gives improbable color, but also feeds them and enriches with vitamins. The only lack of such way is a fragility. This method is required to be repeated at least once in a month.

Blond is perfectly combined with reddish shades and light brown. Also colors of milk chocolate and mahogany will approach.

Difficult coloring of hair (photo)

Kolorirovaniye for brunettes

It is necessary to brunettes at a kolorirovaniye a little more difficult, than to blondes, after all it will be for a start necessary to decolour those locks of hair which will be painted further. Such procedure not really well affects structure of a hair. Therefore it is better to choose the painting means with natural additives finally not to damage them. It is good to use additional masks and vitamin means. It is previously possible to choose on a photo that color in which it would be desirable to be painted.

Coloring of hair happens after ringlets decolour. Shades for brunettes significantly differ from what are used when coloring blondes. In this case it is possible to choose even the most improbable colors.

  • If the brunette wants to change cardinally the image, it is possible to try a combination to an ashy scarlet, or platinum shade.
  • Bluish, color of gold and silver will look more quietly.
  • Perfectly brunettes suit shades from lilac to the dark-violet. In order that it is correct to pick up color, it is best of all to experiment at first over appearance in the photo editor.

Kolorirovaniye for brown-haired women

For brown-haired women dyes of golden, lilac, orange and golden flowers will be the best choice. When coloring it is possible to use from three shades, and it is best of all to select color according to color of eyes.

Difficult coloring of hair (photo)

Kinds of a difficult technique of coloring

Kolorirovaniye includes a set of versions on coloring. Any of the presented types it is possible to find in the Internet and will examine a photo. We will consider the most popular of them:

  • highlighting is a way of coloring of separate ringlets in light shades so that transition from one color to another was most imperceptible;
  • brondirovaniye – the coloring capable to create the most natural color in which some shades are used; generally such way is used for brunettes or brown-haired women;
  • shatush – it is used on any color and creates effect of smooth transition from dark roots by the light ends of hair;
  • the American highlighting – it is intended for brunettes and brown-haired women. Gives effect of the burned-out hair on the sun;
  • to ombra – horizontal coloring of hair. It can be as smooth transition, and restriction of one and other flowers is accurate;
  • the blonetirovaniye – includes difficult golden-fair-haired coloring which at different lighting gets a different shade on hair. Such method is suitable for all flowers of hair;
  • pattern coloring — is used by means of a special cliche of various form;
  • coloring 3D – includes use of three shades of one color where one is the main thing, and the others deepen it. Such method suits dim hair and gives them volume.

The photo of any of above-mentioned ways of repainting can be found both in the Internet, and at any good hairdresser.

Difficult coloring is a tremendous opportunity to change the image which is suitable for all types and flowers of hair. It is necessary to experiment both the appearance, and with an image in general. Only then you will be able to fix to yourself even more man’s eyes and you will be the focus of attention of any company.