Coloring of hair at pregnancy — opinion of doctors and safe methods of change of color

Coloring of hair at pregnancy: possible harm from coloring, opinion of doctors. Most of women got used to look after the appearance, and the special attention is often paid to fine ringlets.

Most of women got used to look after the appearance, and the special attention is often paid to fine ringlets. Hairstyles, laying, changes of color and experiments with them make an integral part of life of girls. But once there comes the pregnancy period which imposes on future mother a set of restrictions in food, entertainments and even habitual personal care. But whether it means, what the next 9 months should be spent hungry and with the grown roots? Whether coloring of hair during pregnancy is possible?

The changes in an organism happening during pregnancy

Coloring of hair at pregnancy — opinion of doctors and safe methods of change of color The condition of pregnancy changes work of bodies and systems of an organism, but first of all there are changes of a hormonal background. Namely the balance of an estrogen and progesterone directly influences a condition of hair. The interrelation can be tracked on trimesters.

  1. In the first trimester there are strongest changes in an organism because of a hormonal shake-up. Besides such phenomenon as toxicosis which strong manifestation considerably reduces receipt of many microcells and vitamins is frequent. It conducts to deterioration of a condition of a head of hear of future mother: the ends of locks become dry, at roots on the contrary, more skin fat, ringlets dim and faded is emitted.
  2. In the second trimester most often the general health of future mother is normalized, she feels better, food becomes fuller. All this positively influences and her hair. Besides, during this period development of a progesterone at the expense of what they almost cease to drop out increases.
  3. The third trimester on the influence is similar to the second. If everything proceeds well, the woman has few stresses and fully eats, it positively affects and a head of hear. By this moment many manage to grow considerably length of the ringlets.

Harm from coloring during pregnancy

Many “advise” to refuse this procedure for 9 months, proving it is the different reasons. Before decision-making it is necessary to understand what of recommendations have under themselves the soil, and what – No.

  1. As the main occasion to refuse coloring during this period consider a chemical composition of paint and its possible penetration to a fruit. At the moment such cases it isn’t recorded. The most part of recommendations “to refuse something” is secure. But in most cases to young mothers, nevertheless, not superfluous will be to surround itself with natural structures. In case of use of dyes, usually forbid to do it in the first trimester, during the most responsible period of a laying of all systems of an organism of a fruit.
  2. Negative factor is also evaporation of ammonia from the painting structure therefore it is desirable to use bezammiachny dye. If the expressed reaction to smells isn’t present, all the same it is necessary to carry out coloring in well aired room.
  3. Color when coloring can turn out not such what it is expected because of change of a hormonal background: the unexpected shade, hair can be painted roughly by spots.
  4. Often during this period allergic reactions which can arise even on the habitual painting structure become aggravated.

Opinion of doctors

Coloring of hair at pregnancy — opinion of doctors and safe methods of change of color Any definite answer to the question “harmfully or not”, from physicians it isn’t given. Each of them has personal opinion in this respect, and all because researches as those wasn’t carried out and hardly it will be able to prove that harm came from painting.

If to consider hit option in an organism of a fruit of toxic substances from paint, it isn’t represented to science real. Nevertheless most of doctors try to secure health of mother and future kid.

Attention! Doctors recommend to transfer change of image after the 16th week when the placenta which is barrier protection of the child, is created.

Safe methods of change of a hair color

In that case if it is impossible to refuse painting it is necessary to choose the most sparing options which at the moment it is enough. For this purpose perfectly natural dyes, for example, broth of a camomile or bark of an oak, a basm and henna will approach.

Various coloring shampoos and balms are also safe. Of course, the majority of them won’t yield resistant result or cardinal change of image, but will help to support a head of hear in a well-groomed look.

If to consider result of the most widespread natural dyes, it is possible to note their features:

Medical impact on structure of ringlets will be the advantage of these dyes, in addition. A shortcoming it is possible to call, some inconvenience in use.

Each of ingredients prepares differently:

  • lemon juice mixes up with water in a proportion 1:1;
  • the basma and henna are stirred by water, and also can mix up with each other in various parts;
  • the others are used in the form of broths with which rinse a head of hear and don’t wash away them.

Also, there are organic paints which more than for 95% consist of natural ingredients. But such way not cheap is also applied only at professional masters.

Council. Also such procedures, as balaqzh, highlighting and a kolorirovaniye, an ombra, shatush are the most sparing. At such way of change of image roots that means impossibility of penetration of various harmful substances from paint aren’t mentioned.

Useful tips

To minimize possible problems with health and to remain quiet, it is necessary to follow simple rules of coloring of hair of future mothers.

  1. In need of carrying out this procedure, it is postponed until the second or third trimester.
  2. Frequent influence of the painting structures is undesirable therefore similar procedure is carried out not more often than time in 3 months. Not to worry about the grown roots, it is better to choose color which is most approached to the natural.
  3. Having been in the family way without risk it is possible to use the sparing means: coloring shampoos, natural structures, some popular types of coloring.
  4. Before influence of any dye it is necessary to make the test for an allergy.
  5. It is better to carry out procedure at the professional who will be able to pick up the most sparing dye without ammonia and the expressed smell.
  6. Not to use during this period blondoran.

First of all the woman has to think about health of the kid. “Suspicious” procedures can always be made a bit later or to choose safer way. Especially considering that now it is enough such options.

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