Painting of hair in two colors

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And painting of hair in two colors is popular as among young girls, and women aged. Complexity of technology of coloring of hair in general is the reason for that.

Coloring of both long, and short hair in two colors gradually gains popularity. And painting of hair in two colors is popular as among young girls, and women aged. Such decision provides opportunity brightly to add an image at a party or to achieve naturalness at registration of appearance in naturel style.

Kolorirovaniye: features and versions

To execute a kolorirovaniye of hair, they need to be divided into a large number of locks, and then to paint in some shades. Thus, it is reached or smooth transition, or contrast is emphasized. The girl makes a final decision concerning manipulations with hair independently.


Painting of hair in two colors


Kolorirovaniye has some directions:

•  Degrade (ombra) — a kolorirovaniye in the cross direction. The natural effect of the grown hair thanks to existence of light tips and dark roots is created. Depending on vision of the master and desire of the client, transition can be made both sharp, and rather smooth;

•  Brondirovaniye — enjoys the greatest popularity. It is characterized by complexity of performance. As a result of a brondirovaniye the master reaches naturalness of merge of a dark and “blonde” hair color, having received thus the minimum contrast. Practice shows that the greatest popularity was won by brown-golden and beige scale of hair;

•  Coloring in 3D style — one of the most difficult reception of coloring of hair because the technology of coloring includes performance at once of several labor-consuming operations. Naturalness of a hairdress with use of several tones of identical scale is reached. Experts use during the work either light, or dark shades, without any symbiosis.



Painting of hair in two colors

Problem of highlighting — to create effect of a natural fair hair. Initially locks which pass decolouration process are selected. As a result the client receives some light locks reminding hair, vytsvevshy on the sun. They settle down in the lump of hair of a dark shade.

Potential clients can also order service of highlighting of all mass of indumentum with application from 3 to 5 shades of the light. As result, masters provide the maximum naturalness of a natural blond.


As well as in a case with a kolorirovaniye, highlighting also has some options of execution:

•  Baliqzh: synthesis of a kolorirovaniye and highlighting. Hair are initially clarified, but in this case procedure of coloring is carried out only on tips, but not on all length of hair;

•  Mazhimesh: not most injuring way of highlighting of hair paint. Masters use materials on a cream basis to which in addition add wax. As doesn’t contain in paint pergidrolx, in practice really to receive only a honey or golden shade. To paint hair in platinum in such a way it won’t turn out;

•  Shatush: imitation of natural burning out on the sun due to use of technology of clarification. In this case the master paints some incidentally chosen locks in a casual order. From hair partings the space a maximum on three centimeters becomes.

To make natural and smooth transition, the special pile becomes. In certain cases masters paint the chosen locks in the depth of the hairdress. As the result, is reached effect of naturalness of volume.


Painting of hair in two colors

How to pick up coloring type?

Having incorrectly chosen a type of coloring for your image, in the future you will understand that such kolorirovaniye of hair will well not look in practice. We recommend to consult to your hairdresser previously. But if at the moment such opportunity isn’t present, we recommend to examine councils below:


  •  Council No. 1: Avoid too strong brightness of flowers at mature age. It is best of all to refuse the shades having sharp contrast as they are capable to emphasize age at all. In your case it not the most successful option;
  •  Council No. 2: Having chosen a brondirovaniye, you will be able to emphasize cheekbones and as much as possible structure a face;
  •  Council No. 3: Brondirovaniye — optimum option both for straight lines, and for wavy hair. It is capable to refresh skin color in general that only on a hand to white-skinned women;
  •  Council No. 4: It is better for Ombre to choose only if hair have pronounced ringlets. On a straight hair the hairdress with an ombra, most likely, will look insufficiently accurately;
  •  Council No. 5: Refuse locks with the increased contrast if hair have rather small density. the 3D – coloring, as well as a brondirovaniye and shatush, will provide visual increase in volume of a hairdress in general;
  •  Council No. 6: Having returned from the sea or rest, stop the choice on highlighting. It very well looks on swarty girls, and also allows to shade suntan beautifully;
  •  Council No. 7: If you don’t want that your hair were injured, it is best of all to use such option of coloring, as mazhimesh. At the moment it is the most harmless way of coloring of your hair.

Where it is best of all to paint the hair?

Painting of hair in two colors

Versions of the answer only two: in salon or houses. Having made the decision to refuse services of stylists, pay attention that the independent kolorirovaniye will provide the most unexpected results. Complexity of technology of coloring of hair in general is the reason for that.

It is especially important to ask for the help experts in case you wish to make 3D – coloring. And here contrast the ombra or highlighting is allowed to make accurately at home.

Don’t think that professional paint is guarantee of positive result. Besides, the technology is characterized by quite difficult procedure of practical performance. If you don’t want to spoil the image, you shouldn’t be engaged in this business independently.

At visit of salon experts not only carry out a kolorirovaniye on short hair, but also carry out the complex of services directed on their restoration. However, it is possible to decide on additional leaving and it is independent, but only at understanding of all responsibility and literacy of performance of all operations.

If to argue in total, coloring in some flowers isn’t allowed to be carried out independently at home. An exception is the situation when you wish to make the simplest manipulations. For example, to kolorirovat hair in two flowers.


Painting of hair in two colors

What it is necessary to know at independent coloring?

Profile shops realize special ready sets for carrying out a kolorirovaniye. So you will be sure that you won’t make a mistake at selection of a combination of shades. One more worthy option — to get necessary shades from the same producer from an identical ruler. The best decision — to gain the colors different from natural tone of your hair more than on three shades.

Be convinced of that all necessary adaptations are spread accurately out on a working surface. Before performance of any procedures without fail read the instruction published either on packing, or in a special leaf insert. It is necessary in order that it is correct to mix paint. To be convinced of lack of allergic reaction, a day before carrying out coloring apply active agent on your skin.

Painting of hair in two colors

 Step-by-step instruction

 First step: Having mixed all components, separate some painted locks from lump by means of hairpins. Width of locks shouldn’t exceed half-centimeter in width. Having ignored this requirement, the final result will be inaccurate.

 Step of the second: Enclose a foil under a lock of hair. Turn in edge which is at roots, down. Trying not to touch the next hair, accurately distribute tone then wrap a lock in in advance prepared foil. Be convinced of durability of fastening of locks, and also look, whether the foil moves down from your hair.

 Step the third: Moving to a nape from a bang, process also other locks of hair.

 Step the fourth: Wash up hair by means of shampoo after time specified by the producer;

 Step the fifth: Apply the restoring balm or a mask on a surface of hair. It is extremely desirable to use means which is packed into a box with paint. Use the simplest balm if the mentioned means isn’t present.

 Step of the sixth: Dry up hair a towel, and then let’s them dry in the natural way. As coloring is capable to injure hair, it is extremely undesirable to use the hair dryer or the iron.


But it is best of all to use the help of experts. Good luck!