Hairdresser’s chest, or necessary tools for coloring of hair

Brush for coloring of hair – one of the most important tools of the colourist which defines not only quality of drawing structure and speed of performance of procedure, but also possibility of an embodiment of a creative plan.

The industry of beauty develops giant steps, the tools of masters extend, and in hairdressing salons it is possible to see the most unusual, and sometimes and a little strange means and tools. That has to be in use of the hairdresser-colourist, let’s talk further.

Hairdresser's chest, or necessary tools for coloring of hair

Beginners need training — coloring of hair can be fairly called science or art

Necessary minimum

So, with what successful painting of hair begins? From correctly picked up qualitative paint and convenient tools.

The preparatory
  • the plastic, glass or enameled capacity for dyes;
  • the cape for coloring of hair protecting shoulders from dye hit;
  • the roller for the head protecting from paint running off (when coloring by liquid structures from henna and a basma);
  • measured beaker;
  • latex gloves;
The main
  • hairdresser’s clips for hair (plastic);
  • brushes for putting the painting mix;
  • polyethylene (rubber) hat for highlighting;
  • hook or special hairbrush for highlighting;
  • strayper;
  • hairbrush with the thin plastic end;
  • hairdresser’s foil;
  • cap for warming when coloring by natural structures;
The finishing

Brushes different are necessary, brushes different are important

Hairdresser's chest, or necessary tools for coloring of hair

Classical synthetic brush

Brush for coloring of hair – one of the most important tools of the colourist which defines not only quality of drawing structure and speed of performance of procedure, but also possibility of an embodiment of a creative plan.

All kistochkovy family can be divided into two groups: classical and with a hairbrush.

The brush for coloring of hair equipped with a hairbrush is irreplaceable during the work with long hair and in case of application of semi-permanent structures.

It should be noted that the issue of convenience of use of this or that tool is resolved to the discretion of the master. Many maestros of hairdresser’s business incline to that it is more convenient to put the semi-permanent and tinting means with sponges and applicators which are used at a chemical wave.

The representatives of producers of professional brands making tools for hairdressing salons recommend to make a choice for classical hairbrushes, reasoning it is features of a structure of hair and influence of dyes on the top scaly layer.

Hairdresser's chest, or necessary tools for coloring of hair

On a photo — a brush with a hairbrush and a metal hook for highlighting

Permanent, semi-permanent and blondiruyushchy dyes are calculated on a loosening of a cuticle of a hair midstream. Combing in such state is fraught with injury of hair, especially if it is about thin and sharp teeth which have hairbrushes from a reverse side of a brush.

Pay attention!
Process of a loosening of a cuticle is started in 30-40 seconds after dye is applied on a lock.
During this time hair can be combed without damage of structure.

We will bring a small conclusion. It is possible to use brushes with a hairbrush in case you masterly own skill of coloring and are capable to carry out procedure as fast as possible. In other cases the classical brush is recommended.

On a tip of a brush the hook, metal or plastic can settle down. As practice shows, good professional brushes aren’t equipped with metal elements, so, the choice is obvious.

And functional brushes from 4 to 5 cm wide are considered as the most convenient. If coloring assumes creation of color transitions, choose thinner copy, 1-2 cm wide.

Hairdresser's chest, or necessary tools for coloring of hair

Choosing tools and adaptations for coloring of hair, be guided by those tasks which you should carry out

Pay attention!
Brushes 3 cm wide are useless and nonfunctional, they too narrow for one-color coloring, are too wide for color nuances and can fill up a collection of the unnecessary tool.

If the brush has width more than 5 cm, it becomes irreplaceable only when toning long hair, for more difficult the technician it is inapplicable. Getting a set for coloring of hair, you can face enough excess tools.

Hairdresser's chest, or necessary tools for coloring of hair

Classification of brushes by width

Rigidity of a brush — also not the last criterion of a choice. Tools with rigid fibers will be suitable for coloring of long hair as are capable not only to distribute evenly dye, but also at least to comb a little hair.

Unfortunately, they leave behind not the most pleasant feelings when the speech comes about coloring of roots. Therefore the rigid bristle is applied in effect brushes which technology of use doesn’t assume contact with skin.

As leaders in production of hairdresser’s brushes consider brands:

  • Schwarzkopf Professional
  • Revlon Professional
  • Wella
  • Matrix
  • Goldwell

Some words about "a gold comb"

Hairdresser's chest, or necessary tools for coloring of hair

Special hairbrushes of a freakish form are intended not only for combing, but also for coloring

Not the last place in a rating of necessary hairdresser’s tools belongs to hairbrushes, the special category was created by special devices for carrying out procedure of highlighting.

  1. The hairbrush with hooks structurally represents a wide crest for hair with the broken teeth. Thanks to it the master in one movement separates part of hair for clarification.
  2. The hairbrush for allocation of locks looks as a sharp tip, the metal is more often. With its help the wide, but the thinnest lock from which then allocate locks for coloring separates. All procedure is similar to the movement of a needle made when sewing. The essential lack of a method disappears in its duration and probability to receive various width of locks.
  3. The hairbrush “zaborchik” will suit those who aimed to make highlighting by the hands.
Hairdresser's chest, or necessary tools for coloring of hair

Strayper – an easy and fast way to make highlighting (the price – from 4 USD)

  1. The hairbrush shovel is used for office of locks and directly when drawing the painting structure.
  2. Separate attention such tool as a strayper is worthy. Highlighting with its help is carried out without preliminary office of locks. The structure is put in a nozzle which keeps within on hairbrush cloves.

Foil – the work performed with gloss

Hairdresser's chest, or necessary tools for coloring of hair

The foil for coloring of hair has to have a mark “For hairdresser’s works”

In most cases, when the speech comes about a hairdresser’s foil, highlighting procedure is remembered, but it is not the only function which is assigned to a foil.

On sale it is possible to meet the following types of material:

  • foil for coloring;
  • folgirovanny strips for a preliminary hairstyle;
  • for highlighting;
  • foil with relief effect;
  • transparent the thermo – a foil.

It is important that the material chosen by you was made of nontoxical raw materials and I passed high-temperature sterilization.

Technical characteristics of a hairdresser’s foil:

1Alloy type3003, 8011
2Widthfrom 8 to 22 cm
3Hardness degreeH24/H22/O
4Thicknessfrom 10 to 22 microns

Oxide choice: secrets of safe coloring

Hairdresser's chest, or necessary tools for coloring of hair

Concentration of oxide can vary from 1,2% to 12%

When the speech comes about harm of coloring, most often mean incorrectly picked up oxide which in hairdresser’s circles more often call oksigenty. Oxide is used for fixing of exclusively permanent and semi-permanent chemical dyes.

For convenience of a choice and operation on capacities in which oxide is on sale, designate concentration of peroxide at the rate on 1 liter of a basis. So, for example, designation of 3% oksigent is deciphered, as 3% of peroxide of hydrogen for each liter.

ConcentrationInstruction on use
1,2%-2,5%The sparing coloring and toning.
3%Toning, coloring to match, change for about 1 colors level is more dark than the initial.
6%Coloring of a gray hair or is 1-2 levels lighter.
9%It is recommended at clarification on 3 levels.
12%It is used with dyes of the clarifying group, allows to clarify hair on 3-4 tones.

Oxides are divided not only depending on concentration. Not so long ago there was one more classification allowing to choose liquid or zagushchenny oxide for coloring of hair.

Hairdresser's chest, or necessary tools for coloring of hair

Right choice of oxide – pledge of safe coloring and preservation of appeal of hair

Sim Sensitive (liquid oxides) can be used with paints of any shades, possess the slowed-down oksidation. All advantage of innovative development disappears in possibility of receiving brighter shades. Besides, thanks to existence of a helatiruyushchy component there is a pulling and neutralization of pollution of water, metals and salts.

Zagushchenny (classical) oxides have a convenient consistence. They are irreplaceable during the work with light shades, and also blondiruyushchy powders.

Whole world of paints

And of course, it is difficult to present all process of coloring of hair without the main component – paints, and them in the modern industry of beauty the huge set is presented.

The nature – the best hairdresser

Hairdresser's chest, or necessary tools for coloring of hair

Henna, basma, broths of herbs, koreniye, bark and fruit juice – natural, safe, but short-lived dyes

Carry henna and a basma, extracts of plants, an onions peel and fruit juice to natural dyes. It would seem, the safest dye has to is proud to bear a palm and to enjoy national love. However all far not so.

All the matter is that gifts of the mother nature are capable to change a hair color only to short term, color burns out on the sun, washes off, especially if it is about the rigid or chlorinated environment of pools.

It is worth resorting to such coloring that who wants to correct only a little a hair color or it is inclined to the allergic reactions caused by chemical dyes.

Physical dyes

Such means don’t demand use of oxide, they don’t get into structure of a hair core, and only create the thinnest colored film. Various coloring shampoos, mousses, skins, gels and balms belong to this category.

Pay attention!
Physical dyes are incapable to change cardinally a hair color, they don’t destroy a natural pigment therefore won’t be able to turn you from the brunette into the blonde.

Chemical dyes

Hairdresser's chest, or necessary tools for coloring of hair

Coloring shampoos from Revlon give a guarantee of preservation of color within 45 days

The group of chemical dyes is divided on resistant and semi-resistant (permanent and semi-permanent).

  1. The permanent get deep into a hair core, replace a natural pigment artificial. In most cases they have a cream form, but not so long ago in the market there were mousses and skins which are most convenient for house use.
  2. The semi-permanent don’t contain peroxide of hydrogen and ammonia, shchadyashche belong to hair, but are short-lived and demand continuous repetition of procedure of coloring.

Levels of firmness of dyes are determined by a four-point scale:

  • the temporary – 0;
  • ottenochny (unstable) – 1;
  • the semi-resistant – 2;
  • the resistant – 3.

Temporary dyes will please fans of experiments, the term of their action is small – before the first washing of hair. Hulks, mousses, pieces of chalk and powders were released practically by all cosmetic brands from network Avon and Oriflame to brands with a mark “luxury”, for example, of Dior.

Pay attention!
Temporary dyes are so harmless that the producer recommends them for coloring of children’s hair.

Hairdresser's chest, or necessary tools for coloring of hair

Bezammiachny paints from Caleido

The only shortcoming which should be considered at a choice – a low indicator of brightness on dark hair.

Level 1 – the ottenochny balms allowing to refresh earlier painted ringlets. Are washed away through 8-10 procedures of washing of the head.

Treat this category:

  • ottenochny Palette gels
  • Irida shampoo
  • Estel Love
  • Kemon Kroma-Life
  • Schwarzkopf Igora Color Gloss

Level 2 — bezammiachny paints.

Unlike the ottenochnykh of balms, they are effective in masking of a gray hair and are capable to clarify hair on 2 tones.

  • Casting Crème Gloss L’oreal
  • L’oreal PRODIGY
  • Matrix ColorSync
  • Estel DeLuxe Sense
Hairdresser's chest, or necessary tools for coloring of hair

The majority of dyes of category a massmarket contain an oxidizer of 9%

Level 3 — resistant dyes.

Have extensive color scale, allow to clarify hair on 4 tones, completely mask a gray hair and have long effect.

  • L’oreal Excellence
  • Estel Delux


Choice of the tool, qualitative materials, skill and creative approach to business — and you have chance to become the master of hairdresser’s art. And if you on the way to the purpose, we recommend video in this article.

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