Henna and gray hair: coloring

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If you want to get rid of a gray hair, to return former beauty, natural beautiful color of ringlets, use recipes of coloring of a gray hair natural dye — henna.

Henna and gray hair: coloring If you want to get rid of a gray hair, to return former beauty, natural beautiful color of ringlets, use recipes of coloring of a gray hair natural dye — henna.
This coloring was always popular. Henna is natural dye, doesn’t contain chemical components. Even if you will paint it the child’s hair, it won’t injure him to hair, and, on the contrary, will strengthen them.

Henna can be applied to obtaining necessary color several times. Thus, you can paint over even gray-haired hairs.

During coloring process henna gets into a hair core, does it stronger and thicker. Also henna contains the knitting acids strengthening an integument on the head.

We choose henna for coloring

For receiving desirable result, henna is chosen a natural origin.
There is a henna Egyptian, Indian, Turkish, Iranian. Some kinds of henna can make a gray hair fragile, lead to a hair loss, paint them in green color.
Henna and gray hair: coloring
Such names on bags with henna as Amber, Titian and the Eggplant have to cause in you suspicion. In natural henna there is no such variety of flowers. It means that, most likely, as a part of dye substances, harmful to hair, will be added.
Users of a network praise lumpy LUSH henna. But you can get henna of other brand, but also pieces. It is the most qualitative henna.

How to dye a hair in a beautiful shade

If to you for the first time to paint a gray hair, get henna without excess additives.
Thus, you will understand how the gray hair will react to henna, you will be able to wash away it further. If color isn’t pleasant, usually add other foreign ingredients: reddish, golden, clarifying and darkening.

  • You want to receive bronze, golden color on hair, then it is necessary to add any of components:
  • Infusion from orange crusts, ginger, a camomile. Components slightly clarify hair and muffle a red shade
  • Henna and gray hair: coloring

  • If to add a little honey, hair will shine, there will be a beautiful shade.
  • The dried rhubarb is boiled in white wine or water.
  • We boil 2 grams of a sage within five minutes.
  • Cinnamon does hair dark-golden.
  • The turmeric muffles red color, does hair yellow, is quickly washed away.
  • Use orange juice for a henna powder zavarivaniye.
  1. Red shades of hair
  2. The processed carnation.
  3. Beet juice instead of water.
  4. For a shade of cherry use the red warmed-up wine also instead of water for a henna powder zavarivaniye.
  5. Onions peel broth.
  • How to receive a shade “Mahogany”
  • Powder of henna is dissolved with cranberry juice.
  • Henna and gray hair: coloring

  • Couple of spoons of cocoa of powder will also give a redness, but a gray hair will be more dark.
  • It is possible to fill in powder with cahors wine.
  1. Shade chocolate and chestnut
  2. We take 4 small spoons of the natural processed coffee, we will boil them in 250 ml of water
  3. We will crush a walnut shell, we will boil it on weak fire
  4. Cocoa
  5. Infusion of strong tea
  6. ? part of powder of a basma and? parts of powder of henna
  7. Hundred grams of a buckthorn boil half an hour in two and a half glasses of water.
  8. For obtaining more dark color on a gray hair, fill in powder with strong natural coffee and mix henna with basmy in equal quantities

Henna and gray hair: coloring
All ingredients are natural, give beautiful color to hair.
Future hair color often experimentally is selected. To hair won’t damage if you add to mix olive oil, almond oil, iodine, vitamin E, a yolk.

  • Coloring of hair

  • We mix henna powder with hot water in ware from glass before formation of the mix reminding mashed potatoes.
    You can cover structure with a film, to leave on all night long for coloring next day on clean hair.
  • If you decided to use the henna which is on sale firm pieces, crush a piece on a grater. We fill in weight with hot water, we mix a wooden rake.
  • When using powder paint, it is necessary to divide hair into hair partings and to apply paint carefully, thus to coat hair through their growth for obtaining equal color. After a promazyvaniye of roots, it is necessary to start coloring of length of hair.
  • Henna and gray hair: coloring

  • Natural dye needs to be held on hair more long, than usual paint. Henna is held from 1 to five hours for fixing of color.
  • It is necessary to wash out carefully hair water, without using shampoo.
  • If you subjected the hair to coloring by chemical dye quite recently, it is better to wait some time (one-two months), then to dye hair henna.

You will achieve good effect on hair if you paint them few times, and color will be fixed.

  1. We wash away henna

  2. You dyed a gray hair natural dye — henna, but color doesn’t suit you? Try to wash away natural dye from hair at mineral oil.

    Henna and gray hair: coloring

  3. Take a wadded ball, impregnate hair with alcohol, avoiding head skin. Wait 10 minutes.
  4. After that apply olive oil on hair, and previously don’t wash away alcohol. From above put on a hat for a shower.
  5. Now it is necessary to warm up hair for reaction acceleration. By means of drying or the hair dryer we heat head indumentum thirty minutes.
  6. Then we remove a hat, we wash out the head, we delete oil from hair.
  7. Eventually, it is necessary to restore amount of moisture in hair by means of dry hair balm.