– Henna and coffee for hair: proportions and masks

Safe coloring of hair is one of the most topical issues of modern cosmetology. Many producers of special means declare that their dyes not only I don’t injure ringlets, but also look after them in the course of carrying out procedure.

Safe coloring of hair is one of the most topical issues of modern cosmetology. Many producers of special means declare that their dyes not only I don’t injure ringlets, but also look after them in the course of carrying out procedure. However in practice it appears that all of them do harm, let and minimum. For this reason some girls prefer to use natural paints and dyes which are recommended by national cosmetology. In this article we will tell how henna and coffee for hair can be used, we will describe proportions of preparation of this painting means in detail, and also we will provide for you recipes of preparation of other means for carrying out procedure of coloring.

Coloring of hair henna and coffee

Councils for carrying out coloring

That the result from carrying out procedure pleased you, it is necessary to examine the following councils and to adhere to them.

  1. The initial hair color has to be fair-haired. Only then at you beautiful color will turn out. If you have light ringlets, you should refrain from similar coloring as the shade can turn out unexpected and not too attractive. If you have dark locks, their color after coloring will hardly change.
  2. You carry out procedure on unpainted hair. Can be an exception only the ringlets painted in a chestnut, coffee and brown shade.
  3. For carrying out procedure it is necessary to take natural ground coffee and the henna pressed in a tile. Only these two products it is guaranteed will change color of your ringlets, without harm for them.
  4. You don’t apply dye at once on all ringlets. It is better if you choose 1 lock which isn’t evident from the lump of hair, and you will try on it means. For this purpose it is necessary to process it the painting structure and to leave for some time. Further it is necessary to wash away and look at it, what color turned out. If he suits you, you can apply means on all ringlets and if not, you can add one of ingredients and again execute test. However it isn’t necessary to be fond, otherwise you receive multi-colored locks.

Necessary tools

To carry out procedure, you will need the following tools.

  1. Rubber gloves. They will help to protect your skin, and it won’t be painted in session time.
  2. Clips for ringlets.
  3. Brush for drawing means.
  4. Hairbrush with the long end that it was more convenient to sort locks.
  5. Towel. It is desirable that it was dark color that on it spots weren’t visible.
  6. Capacity for preparation of means.

Carrying out procedure of coloring

Henna and coffee for hair, you will find proportions and the recipe below, have to be used for coloring as follows.

  1. Comb hair. We will note that procedure is carried out on dirty dry ringlets therefore before coloring the head shouldn’t be washed.
  2. Put on hands of a glove and divide hair into 4 parts two hair partings. Record three locks clips. We will note that coloring should be carried out from a nape. From the lump of hair of one of parts separate 1 lock and apply on it the painting means. Begin coloring from roots, slowly moving down. After that paint all hair, a lock behind a lock.
  3. If you want to receive a red shade, warm ringlets and if you need brown color, leave them as is.
  4. Paint has to remain on hair of 6 hours and more. We will note that if you reduce this time, at you the green shade of ringlets will turn out.
  5. After time leaves, wash up the head with use of shampoo.

- Henna and coffee for hair: proportions and masks

Henna and coffee: natural products are absolutely harmless to hair, at the correct approach to carrying out masks, with observance of all rules and proportions, the painting effect is provided 

Recipes of masks for hair from henna and coffee

Simple mask from henna and coffee

It will be required to you:

  1. Henna – 2 slices from the pressed tile.
  2. Small ground coffee – 50 gr.
  3. Water – 150 ml.

Fill in coffee with the boiling water and put it on a plate. Bring it to boiling and at once switch off fire. After that leave it for cooling. We will note that its temperature thus shouldn’t fall below 40 degrees Celsius. At this time grate henna in a small grater. Further connect both products and carefully stir. If weight turned out too dense, add to it the boiling water. After that warm up means on a water bath. We will note that the dye temperature will be higher, the color will be brighter. However too hot it shouldn’t be, otherwise you get burn. After that use means for designated purpose.

Mask from colourless henna and coffee

If you want to receive coffee color of ringlets, and henna is necessary to you only for their strengthening, you can use the following recipe for coloring. Structure:

  1. Colourless henna – 2 tablespoons.
  2. Coffee thick – 2 tablespoons.
  3. Water – as required.

Fill in henna with hot water that the mass of an average consistence turned out. After that means mix coffee and use for designated purpose according to the instruction which we gave above. We will note that the mask has to remain on ringlets in this case 2 hours, and they have to be wrapped surely up all this time.

Mask with henna, basmy and coffee

To receive a dark shade of hair, it is recommended to use the following recipe. For its preparation take:

  1. Ground coffee – 6 tablespoons.
  2. Basma – 1 tablespoon.
  3. Henna – 2 tablespoons.
  4. Olive oil – 1 tablespoon.
  5. Honey – 1 tablespoon.
  6. Water – as required.

Fill in coffee with the boiling water that the consistence of liquid sour cream turned out and leave for 10 minutes for insisting. After that mix it with henna and basmy. Further add all other components and if means turned out too dense, add to it still waters. Before use of means, warm up it on a water bath. It is necessary to hold it on ringlets no more than 2 hours after their warming.

Henna and coffee for hair, you will find means proportions in our article, will help you not only to change color of ringlets, but also to improve their appearance, and also states of health. Adhere to our recommendations, and then you receive a saturated shade which will please you long time.

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