Henna for hair the recipe

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Cocktail for coloring – the mix consisting of the vegetable and oil components capable to create effect of permanent coloring. One henna for hair of color various. My recipe of the painting cocktail: to fill in 1 tablespoon of Sudanese henna.

I dye hair henna nearly a year. During this time the trunk of hair became thickness, and their quantity significantly increased. For my thin and pushashtihsq, henna – rescue is simple. Naturally, its choice is caused also by shades: from golden-chestnut-colored, to any shade of red and black color. I started being painted with henna in 1,5 months after chemical paint. But it is better to carry out coloring in 2-3 months.

Henna for hair the recipe My natural color — ashy chestnut-colored. If you doubt result, tint a hardly noticeable lock, having taken mix about an hour. Especially careful blondes should be and using chemical paints.

If for you painting by henna only experiment, you need to remember: after coloring by henna, usual hair-dyes paint sometimes badly. The chemical wave in general in 60% cases doesn’t undertake on hair.


All the matter is that it doesn’t get deep into a hair, and envelops it, smoothing scales and creating a protective film. Exactly thanks to its this property hair after henna become more dense, considerably shine and well comb hair. And still henna well influences growth and they split less.

When I started looking for information on henna, faced a huge number of unflattering responses: allegedly it breaks off a hair trunk from within, does them dry and fragile. But my dear, first these responses sound most often from lips of hairdressers (of course, they don’t want to lose the bread), and secondly it is necessary to know how to cook cocktails with color henna not to overdry, and, on the contrary, to recover and restore them.

Cocktail for coloring – the mix consisting of the vegetable and oil components capable to create effect of permanent coloring.

One henna for hair of color various

My recipe of the painting cocktail: to fill in 1 tablespoon of Sudanese henna (gives resistant and saturated copper color) with hot infusion the mandarinovykh and orange-peels. Crusts are filled in with boiled water in advance, and in process of a rasparivaniye, I press on them a spoon to squeeze out more juice. I add to mix of 1 tablespoon of cinnamon and 1 tablespoon of oil of a macadamia. I cover the received cocktail with cellophane and I put on the battery for 2 hours. Then I pour out powder from a capsule of the vitamin and mineral Perfektil complex, 15 drops of essential oil of a cedar and 1 h. l. lemon juice, carefully I mix and I apply on the dirty and previously combed hair. Time of influence of cocktail about 3 hours. I wash away only water. Surely I apply balm on tips of hair.

Henna for hair the recipe

Henna for hair the recipe It is very important to choose qualitative henna. That which is packed, as a rule, contains a stereotyped Henna in Russia, and mixes with cellulose, sand or other components, for increase of weight of a product. I dyed hair “The Iranian natural henna” of Fitokosmetik firm earlier and I didn’t accept fast washing away of color, and henna of Artkolor firm too strongly dried up, but gave bright color, is visible because of some acid additives. Not so long ago I got in one Internet — shop Sudanese Hamum Tamarind henna (Saudi Arabia) and understood that the real hennathe small, pulverized powder, when steaming gives dark and marsh color and noticeably heats, strengthening blood supply of head skin (I even fell asleep without back pads), so, stimulates and strengthens hair bulbs.

The painting componentsOilsComponents for steaming
Coffee stimulates growth and adds warm gloss of bitter chocolateGrape seed at fat head skinBroth of bark of an oak muddles and is suitable for fat head skin
Cinnamon stimulates growth and gives a chestnut shadeHempy for moistening and a curly hairBroth of an onions peel strengthens and gives an ochre shade
The nutmeg stimulates growth and and gives a chocolate shadeMacadamia at the overdried hairBroth the mandarinovykh and orange-peels adds gloss and a warm yellow-orange shade
The walnut shell – blackensThe almond will approach if you have a fat head skinKefir humidifies, does coloring more resistant because of the sour environment and gives a reddish shade
Kukurma stimulates growth and dobavlt yellow color in a cocktail paletteThe olive – universal oilJuice of pomegranate will approach at fat head skin and if the ruby shade is necessary
Juice of berries of elder adds dark and plum toneJojoba smoothes and feedsRed wine and juice of a cranberry give red color
Chicory strengthens and paints in a warm golden and cream shadeThe peach feeds hair on all lengthBroth of a nettle muddles and strengthens
Lemon juice or lemon acid clarify and add glossPumpkin effectively restores the injured hairBroth of a sage helps to paint over better a gray hair and strengthens
Ginger clarifies and prevents lossThe cedar vitaminizes, strengthens and adds glossBroth of a camomile and root of a dandelion clarifies and adds a wheaten shade
Honey clarifies akatsiyevy and feedsAmla increases gloss, smoothes and strengthensBroth of leaves of a bearberry, horse-radish and water lily clarifies
Essential oils of a tea tree, parsley, jasmine, iris Florentine clarify, help to get rid of dandruffAvocado deepens a dark shade, being completely absorbed, humidifiesBroth of a dogrose strengthens, prevents emergence of dandruff, provides permanent coloring and gloss.

Important! Henna is quickly washed away from hair if to do masks with use of oils, yeast or fermented milk products (sour cream, serum, ayran with rye bread, etc.). This property can use if you didn’t accept the turned-out shade. If you want that color was well fixed, it is necessary not to wash hair during 3kh days after coloring.

It is desirable to provide a long time of coloring: from 2kh till 5-7 o’clock. The coloring, the more intensively is longer and more deeply there will be a color. If you don’t want to carry dark hair, simply add the clarifying components to the painting cocktail.

It is desirable to be painted with henna not more often than time in 2 months. And before coloring it is more preferable not to wash hair. Henna is natural means for washing and helps to prolong “pure days” of hair. If your henna, for example lumpy LUSH firms, but hair is better to moisten previously. Well and of course, henna influences in the damp, warm environment therefore it is very important to create effect of a sauna by means of cellophane / food wrap and a towel/hat.

It is necessary to consider that imposing of color will give effect at which roots of hair will look lighter, than tips. That to avoid it, try to paint over more often only roots, and to update color on all length, well for example, through each painting. Plus in addition to apply on tips (out of coloring) oil masks, for example, “the rose attar enriched with an amaranth for hair and a body”.

For henna perhaps there is only one contraindication: it shouldn’t be used to blondes, and even the colourless. Don’t give in to advertizing, the decolouring henna doesn’t exist!

AUTHOR of recipes and article: Yana

Video recipe of coloring by henna

And here one more concrete recipe with real result of coloring by henna. In this video it is well visible result. And it is very important: addition of oils helps to get rid of a peresushennost of hair which becomes frequent result of coloring by henna. It women the dyeing hair from henna, without addition in the painting cocktail of oils suffer.

Structure for coloring on hair long to an elbow:

  1. henna Iranian — 8 bags painting + 2 bags colourless (1 bag = 25 grams)
  2. water for a coffee zavarivaniye — 500 ml
  3. coffee natural ground — 8 teaspoons
  4. oils — 8-10 St of spoons

For hair not below shoulders 2 bags of henna and respectively the reduced amount of other ingredients proportionally to henna reduction there are enough.

Ware in which henna is ready: ceramic (not metal).

Before coloring hair need to be washed up but in which case to rinse with balm.

About coffee!!! If you are going to hold henna the whole night, it is better for coffee not to use since coffee components well get through head skin and you can organize to yourself full sleeplessness for the whole night.

About oils!!! Everyone on the lechebno affects hair. Therefore pick up for yourself individual structure.

About time!!! Final color depends on time which cocktail from henna is on your hair —.