As it is correct to dye a hair to itself

Responses about colourings of the house with a photo. Opinion of the stylist. How to paint tips of hair. When coloring tips of hair you need to pay attention to the next moments

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As it is correct to dye a hair to itself

Probably, each woman at least once in life faced such task as painting of hair. Someone simply wants to change considerably image, someone corrects a natural hair color, and someone paints over a gray hair. Today we will in detail tell how it is possible to dye qualitatively and correctly a house hair.

As it is correct to dye hair

For a start you have to be defined with a color.

As it is correct to dye a hair to itself The market of cosmetics and perfumery offers us a huge number of means for coloring are resistant paints, semi-permanent paints, the various tinting skins, balms, shampoos.

You don’t pursue low cost of paint – you shouldn’t save on health of the hair, but you shouldn’t buy the most expensive paint. Unless to you it was recommended by your hairdresser, and you heard good responses. Stop on more or less known brand.

Each decent producer of paint has an advertizing catalog in which all line of flowers of paint on separate locks is presented. But at a choice of color consider that the presented colors were caused on a fair hair. You should study attentively packing with paint – on it usually there is a photo from which it is possible to understand how this paint will look on hair of more dark shades.

As it is correct to dye a short, average or long hair to itself

It will be required to you:

  • hair-dye;
  • glass pan for paint mixing;
  • hairdresser’s brush for putting paint;
  • nonmetallic hairpins and clips for hair (perhaps);
  • gloves (usually is complete with paint);
  • plastic hairbrush with rare teeth;
  • usual hairbrush;
  • hairdresser’s cape or some old clothes which isn’t a pity for soiling.

As it is correct to dye a hair to itself

If you have short hair, one packing of paint suffices. If hair average or long, two or three packings of paint are required. It depends on density and length of hair.

At frequent coloring of hair you should get separate capacity for paint mixing. It surely has to be nonmetallic, and better to store it separately from other ware.

Painting process:

  • carefully comb hair a usual hairbrush is will help to remove from them the remains of a varnish or other means which you use, besides, to you it will be more convenient to apply paint on the combed hair;
    As it is correct to dye a hair to itself
  • if it is so more convenient to you to work, divide clips hair into separate zones;
    As it is correct to dye a hair to itself
  • dissolve paint according to the instruction and carefully mix it to uniformity;
    As it is correct to dye a hair to itself
  • apply paint on hair, since occipital part of the head – it is considered that this part gives in to coloring worse;
    As it is correct to dye a hair to itself
  • process the top and temporal parts, and also a bang if you have it;
  • now accurately comb hair a hairbrush with frequent teeth evenly to distribute paint on hair;
    As it is correct to dye a hair to itself
  • sustain time put according to the instruction of this paint;
    As it is correct to dye a hair to itself
  • carefully wash away paint warm water – in certain cases it is recommended to be done without shampoo therefore attentively read the instruction;
    As it is correct to dye a hair to itself
  • apply balm, the massage movements evenly distribute it on hair;
    As it is correct to dye a hair to itself
  • slightly massage head skin and hair, wash away warm water.

Usually painting is made on dirty hair therefore before procedure don’t wash the head at least three days. But there are also exceptions therefore specify it at your hairdresser or besides address to the instruction on use of paint.

If there is such opportunity, don’t use the hair dryer after painting. Give to hair the chance to dry in the natural way. Or at least don’t overdry the hair dryer hair and head skin.

How to paint roots of hair

The main procedure same, but is small nuances:

At clarification or decolouration of roots distribution of paint on all length isn’t required – read the instruction.

How to paint tips of hair

As it is correct to dye a hair to itself When coloring tips of hair you need to pay attention to the next moments:

  • you shouldn’t subject to coloring the whipped or fragile tips are only will emphasize their unhealthy look;
  • if you want that the border of painting of tips was accurately visible, use a foil – wrap in it a middle part of hair and process paint the left ends of ringlets;
  • to achieve imperceptible or indistinct transition of color when coloring, the foil doesn’t need to be used.

After procedure it is better to use balm which goes complete with paint even if you like your habitual balm more. It will help to consolidate result of coloring correctly.

That you shouldn't do when coloring:

  • though most of producers also shout that their paint doesn’t do harm to hair and is nearly useful, all the same surely use means on care of a dyed hair;
  • use only glass or plastic tools for mixing and drawing the painting structures;
  • before coloring surely make the sensitivity test to avoid allergic reaction;
  • As it is correct to dye a hair to itselfif you use bright and resistant paints of red, red shades, eggplant colors and to that similar, apply on skin at border of hair any oil because some paints eat in skin, and then it is difficult to wash them;
  • you don’t store paint near foodstuff;
  • you don’t store the paint remains;
  • prepare the painting structure just before application;
  • if earlier you didn’t dye hair, it is for the first time better to trust in the professional – watching sequence of action of the master you will understand how it is possible to dye then a house hair independently;
  • at hit of paint on skin or mucous wash out their large amount of water and if paint incidentally got to eyes, you should address to the doctor immediately;
  • when keeping the majority of the paints which are (especially clarifying) you can feel some burning on skin but if it becomes very strong or you feel an additional itch on skin or you start swelling – immediately wash away paint and drink an antiallergic preparation.

Reviews of coloring in house conditions

Some our readers for whom house coloring of hair isn’t a new experience, shared the experience with us and left responses and comments.

Anastasia, 30 years

I am painted independently nearly since school times. My hair were already both chestnut, and red, and black, and various other shades. Therefore with confidence I can tell – anything difficult in painting house ringlets, no. And a special difference between very expensive paints and paints of average price category I didn’t notice. They are washed away equally over time. The only thing that I can’t understand – why separate sites of hair sometimes are badly or unevenly painted over. After all and paint I use the same, and painting procedure is well familiar to me.
As it is correct to dye a hair to itself

Comment of the expert: Professional hairdressers know, something long ago as paint on hair “will lay down”, can depend on a number of factors. It depends as on a state and health of your ringlets, and on the general condition of an organism at the moment. The hormonal background of the woman can influence result of coloring even. For this reason you shouldn’t carry out procedure in critical days because there is a risk that color will turn out uneven or some locks won’t be painted.
Ekaterina, 28

Presently you try to save on everything therefore most often I dye hair independently. I go to a hairdressing salon only to make a hairstyle or to correct coloring on occipital part of the head. As turn, sometimes it isn’t possible to process qualitatively when painting hair behind. Or it is necessary to resort to assistance. But usually painting is successful and differs in nothing from that which to me can be made in a hairdressing salon. Only once at me something turned out muffled. But I write off unsuccessful result that I then was strongly chilled, and it was already time to paint roots. Therefore I was smeared with paint somehow and quickly. Then in a week I zatonirovat flaws – and it is normal.
As it is correct to dye a hair to itself

Comment of the expert: If you are unhealthy, it is better to postpone procedure of coloring. Otherwise the organism can give out unexpected allergic reaction, and dye unevenly “to lay down”. Besides, application of some antibiotics which are appointed by doctors at cold, can affect the end result of your coloring too.

Vladislava, 35 years

Approximately years ten I dye hair itself. It is much more convenient to make it houses because on a hairdressing salon not always there is time. In ten years I tried a huge amount of both natural, and usual resistant paints. Usually result of my independent painting if not on five, on four with plus. But recently I began to notice at myself in a head of hear more and more a gray hair. By itself, especially I try to paint over this disgrace. But gray hair is painted over that normally, partially, in general it is very bad. On what it depends, I don’t know, it seems, and paints qualitative and with effect of painting of a gray hair.
As it is correct to dye a hair to itself

Comment of the expert: Structure at a gray-haired hair not same, as at the usual. The gray-haired hair is completely deprived of a natural pigment with which any artificial dye therefore paint molecules as though have nothing “to be hooked” interacts, and normal coloring is impossible. Therefore before procedure of painting I recommend to you to make prepigmentation of hair. As a result of prepigmentation a gray hair is artificially filled with a pigment owing to what their subsequent coloring works well. As for a desirable shade, it is desirable for you to consult with the hairdresser or to make test coloring on a separate lock because on a gray hair shades not always turn out such as it was conceived initially.

Video how most to dye a hair in house conditions

Detailed video about painting of hair. As an example dye of a known brand is used. Step-by-step instruction available to everyone.

And how you consider – it is worth dyeing hair independently or nevertheless it is better to do it in a hairdressing salon or salon? What was your experience of independent painting?

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