Lamination of hair: responses, consequences, description of procedure and technology

That represents lamination of hair. Anything so doesn’t change a lock as lamination of hair. Responses (consequences of this procedure aren’t so sad as a certain part of women claims.

And it is with little effort possible to receive beautiful hair with the “lamination of hair” procedure. Reviews (some women felt consequences of this procedure on the head of hear in the form of the thinned and splitting locks) of this technique differ. One ladies are completely happy with it, procedure didn’t cause to their hair any damage. Others, on the contrary, didn’t notice a difference between the laminated and natural ringlets, and locks after this technology of leaving became lifeless.

That represents lamination of hair

Anything so doesn’t change a lock as lamination of hair. Responses (consequences of this procedure aren’t so sad as a certain part of women claims, and hair assume further the former air) ladies note that this method allows to restore ringlets after building and cleans the splitting ends. It is special technology of care of hair where when performing apply a laminate (the special means consisting of dietary supplements and B12 vitamin) on a head of hear, and then it is washed away. Then the head of hear changes both from within, and outside. Becomes covered by the breathing film, the structure of hair improves. Locks become protected from negative impact of environment and premature loss of moisture.

Cosmetologists consider that lamination doesn’t do harm to hair, and, on the contrary, has only positive impact. Does them elastic, brilliant, obedient and more volume. Procedure smoothes curly ringlets. Protects the painted locks from loss of color.

Types of lamination

Lamination of hair: responses, consequences, description of procedure and technology

There is different in technology of performance and a look a lamination of hair. Responses (consequences as the ladies more than once doing this procedure completely speak depend on professionalism of the master) claim that this action thickens ringlets, does them stronger.

Lamination happens:

  • transparent and color;
  • hot and cold;
  • usual and bio.

The transparent makes impression of luster. Is suitable for any type of a head of hear. Color adds to ringlets not only gloss, but also a shade. In this case the painting pigments are used. The effect of beautiful and healthy locks is gained. Color call still ionovy lamination. It more resistant, than transparent.

Hot and cold lamination have no essential distinctions. In the first case ringlets warm up the iron with function of a temperature regulator. Such drawing allows components to get into deeper layers of a hair. In the second the structure is imposed on the washed-up, but not warmed up locks.

In usual lamination, unlike bio, there can be artificial components while in biolamination use only organic substances. Each of these types has the features.

Saloon lamination

Lamination of hair: responses, consequences, description of procedure and technology

Lamination of hair takes place in salon (consequences depend on a condition of locks which was before procedure) in some stages and about an hour lasts. The effect remains for 4-6 weeks, over time the film is washed away, and ringlets become former. Lose gloss, additional volume, chic.

At first the head of hear is cleared of dirt and the staylingovykh of means. Then put a nutritious mask and after wash away it, impose a laminate for thirty minutes. In end hair wash out water.

Lamination at home

Lamination of hair: responses, consequences, description of procedure and technology

Lamination of hair can be done and at home. For these purposes it is necessary to get a special set in professional shop. There enter: shampoo, a reducer, means for lamination of hair, spray and the looking after oil for split ends.

House lamination includes some stages:

  1. Hair clear shampoo.
  2. At color lamination put the tinting means.
  3. Use a nutritious mask for hair.
  4. Impose on half an hour means for lamination.
  5. The head of hear is warmed up the hair dryer. The current of air has to be heated to average temperature.
  6. The laminate is washed away water.

Special popularity was gained recently by house lamination by gelatin, it demands the minimum expenses, and the result sometimes doesn’t concede to the saloon.

Care of hair after procedure

Hair become rather smart with such procedure as lamination of hair. Secrets of beauty consist not only in correctly made procedure, the good expert and qualitative means, but also in appropriate care of locks after cosmetic action.

After lamination it is necessary to follow some rules:

  • not to wash ringlets two days after procedure;
  • within the next days not to use the curling iron, the iron and the hair dryer for care of hair;
  • to use only soft detergent;
  • to use conditioner;
  • two times a week to oil head skin any vegetable;
  • not to put a mask for hair as nutrients through the film which shrouded a ringlet don’t get;
  • not to use the cosmetic products containing alcohol;
  • not to use srubs and peelings for a head integument;
  • to comb hair a hairbrush with a natural bristle;
  • to do massage of the head;
  • not to overdry ringlets;
  • not to paint a head of hear.

The correct care of hair will keep effect of lamination throughout the long period and won’t cause negative consequences.

Positive sides of procedure

Lamination of hair: responses, consequences, description of procedure and technology

Experts have different opinion on such procedure as lamination of hair. For and against this action also women act. From positive sides they allocate improvement which happens thanks to the contents in the put composition of nutrients and B12 vitamin. Also ringlets, becoming covered by a film, become less vulnerable to mechanical influence. There is a gloss and additional volume. Longer time keeps a shade on a dyed hair. The easy gray hair disappears. Hair follicles become stronger. The splitting ends disappear. Hair well comb hair. The head of hear becomes smart. Cosmetologists say that to hair from this procedure only advantage.

Harm of lamination of hair

Lamination of hair: responses, consequences, description of procedure and technology

Despite lamination pluses, trichologists agree in a consensus and claim that procedure is far not so harmless as it seems at first sight.

First, the cover enveloping each hair is capable to break water and alkaline balance. It is connected with that ringlets absorb part of moisture from the atmosphere, and the film in this case doesn’t pass water. Such situation involves an imbalance of a metabolism and can lead to dehydration of cages, make locks dim and lifeless. To slow down their growth.

Secondly, natural breath of a hair cuticle is broken, and the cover passes only small part of oxygen. There is a violation of exchange processes, exhaustion of hair bulbs. The condition of locks becomes unsatisfactory.

Thirdly, lamination of a head of hear medical and cosmetics nullifies action of all. Active ingredients can’t get through a film. Therefore unhealthy ringlets can’t be subjected to this procedure, it will only worsen their state.

Fourthly, the film increases load of locks, and not each hair can take out it. Loss and withdrawal pains of indumentum of the head results.

Fifthly, lamination isn’t removed simple shampoos. For its removal use rather aggressive means which destroy structure of keratin scales of a hair cuticle.

Besides procedure has high cost, and hair only for a month keep the appeal. Further their appearance becomes such effective any more. Procedure needs to be repeated or by means of natural means to lead hair to a similar look.


They say that lamination of hair, responses not always gives the necessary effect. Consequences for a head of hear can’t be foreseen, especially if the preliminary estimate of a condition of a head of hear was not careful. This action has no direct contraindications, but there is no sense it to do if the lady is going to increase ringlets. You shouldn’t subject lifeless and fragile ringlets to influence of a laminate as they need to be treated at first, and active agents through a film don’t get. It is impossible to paint the laminated locks, it is necessary to wait until the structure completely descends from hair.

How to minimize harm from procedure

Lamination of hair: responses, consequences, description of procedure and technology

Negative consequences of lamination of hair can be nullified if to consider the following nuances:

  • To use only qualitative cosmetic preparations for procedure.
  • Structure for lamination to put at distance 1-2 cm from head skin, differently it won’t breathe. The hair loss, a skin itch and a peeling will begin.
  • Before a cosmetic session ringlets it is necessary “to indulge”, that is to sate with nutritious elements, to humidify, strengthen and restore the broken structure. It should be done both some weeks prior to lamination, and before a cosmetic session.
  • After the next lamination it is necessary to allow to hair to have a rest 2-3 months before making the repeated.
  • For removal of structure from a head of hear it is necessary to use the means which are specially intended for these purposes.
  • At a bad condition of hair it is necessary to refuse this action.

To use this procedure, it is necessary to weigh carefully everything, differently the result can not meet expectations.


The price of lamination of hair in beauty shop fluctuates within 2-7 thousand rubles. Cost depends on length of locks, their state. Quality of a laminate, a type of procedure, professionalism of the expert and prestige of an institution influences a quotation. The set for house lamination can be got for 1200-77 USD.

Lamination of hair: responses, opinions

Care of a head of hear isn’t limited to washing of the head, masks and balm. Some women add lamination of locks to it. Reviews of procedure the most different. Someone delighted with this action. Says that hairs became thickness. Came trudging additional volume. Look smooth and brilliant. Well comb hair. A certain part of ladies claims that didn’t feel any discomfort after the laminate descended from hair. The condition of locks was former, and in certain cases improved.

There are negative opinions on lamination. They claim that after procedure ringlets began to break, looked lifeless, dim. Someone didn’t see any changes in a condition of a head of hear before procedure at all.

Generally each woman happy with result seeks not only to boast before girlfriends, but to leave and a response. The lamination of hair in beauty shop executed by professionals practically doesn’t cause negative consequences and strikingly differs from the house. Appearance of such locks is magnificent. They stream and poured. Look healthy and brilliant.