Lunar calendar of a hairstyle of hair

The lunar calendar of hairstyles of hair 2018 relies on interaction of a heavenly body with signs of elements. the 30th day – hairstyles and colourings are forbidden. TAGS. Lunar calendar.

Lunar calendar, leaning on which do hairstyles, today gains enviable popularity. It was created in ancient times when the mankind built all the life according to lunar phases.

You watch a calendar of hairstyles for 2018 on months:

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That represents the Lunar calendar of a hairstyle of hair and why is necessary

The calendar was created taking into account centuries-old supervision over influence of a lunar star on hair, their health and growth. As ringlets are a powerful component of an image of the person, behind them regular leaving is required. Silky and well-groomed, they draw attention, do appearance of tidier. The lunar calendar of a hairstyle of hair 2018 will help to choose favorable time for creation of a new hairdress and coloring of locks.


As a rule, the person feels on himself influence of a lunar cycle – raised or, on the contrary, the debalanced state. Influence of a heavenly body is rather great, and its manifestations are various. To hair long since attributed the magic abilities connecting the person and thin matters. Ancient oracles noticed influence of phases of the Moon on growth of ringlets, and modern scientists only confirm “discoveries” of old times. Thanks to it the special calendar indicating successful and adverse dates for a hairstyle of hair is created from year to year.

Lunar calendar of a hairstyle of hair

The chosen period for visit of the hairdresser influences all organism in general. The phase of the decreasing Moon will make growth of locks slowed down. Updating of a hairdress on the growing Moon promotes rapid growth, favorably influences a tone of immune system, renewal of cells of an organism. And here procedures for care of hair in a new moon can affect perniciously not only a condition of locks, but also take away positive power of the person, reducing life.

Long-term supervision confirm this fact. If to the child to make the first hairstyle in the period of the decreasing Moon, at the boy there will come baldness earlier, and the girl will “be presented” with a rare and brittle hair.

Phases of the moon and their influence on growth of hair

The lunar calendar of a hairstyle of hair totals 4 phases: the killing Moon, a new moon, a phase of the growing Moon, a full moon. Optimum time for visit of beauty shop, certainly, is the period of the growing Moon. It is the ideal period which is characterized by the strengthened growth of locks, cell renewal, acceleration of metabolic processes.

Lunar calendar of a hairstyle of hair

The 1st and 2nd quarters of a cycle are especially useful to a hairstyle of hair. It is recommended to visit the hairdresser during this period:

  • if you wish to make sharp change of image, to experiment with a hairdress, to create something new, unusual for you. The phase of the growing Moon welcomes original and unusual hairstyles. Be sure, during this period updating of style will take place successfully;
  • if you seek to reach the maximum length for short term. The hairstyle during this period will accelerate necessary processes, and the desirable result will be reached significantly quicker;
  • if you are the owner of thin locks which need strengthening. The hairstyle in the period of this phase favorably influences a qualitative condition of ringlets, will increase their density and volume.

Nevertheless, also hairstyles in the period of the decreasing Moon can be popular. It is recommended to visit the hairdresser in the following cases at this time:

  • growth inhibition of locks to minimize visits to beauty shop. It can be useful at a trip to the resort or in long business trip. When time or opportunity for traditional leaving isn’t present;
  • for giving to locks of natural gloss and silkiness. The slowed-down growth is compensated by high-quality improvement of the general condition of hair;
  • for elimination of fragility and loss of locks.

The remained phases are the extremely adverse for any manipulations with a hairdress. These are the periods of intense interaction of lunar and solar stars, problems with health can become result of that.

Lunar calendar of a hairstyle of hair

Lunar calendar and days of the week

The lunar calendar of a hairstyle of hair 2018 assumes the exact dates characterizing favorable and undesirable days for visit of the hairdresser. However if you have no opportunity to examine actual dates, you can use basic rules of drawing up a calendar:

  1. Monday – primordially lunar day which guarantees rapid growth of hair and their strengthening. However, the people born on Tuesday and Saturday should avoid changes of a hairdress this day;
  2. Tuesday – day which is under the auspices of Mars. Is neutral for commission of a hairstyle. You don’t receive negative result, however and you shouldn’t count on rapid growth. The people born on Monday and Friday should pass this day for visit of beauty shop;
  3. Wednesday – day which is governed by constellation of Mercury. This period is favorable for updating of a hairdress, positively influences development of memory and mental capacities. Care during this period should be shown to the people born on Thursday;
  4. Thursday — the extremely successful day for a new hairdress which not only will allow to change image to the best, but also will positively be reflected on health of locks. Together with the cut-off ringlets your life will be left by troubles. The hairstyle this day promises good luck and luck further;
  5. Lunar calendar of a hairstyle of hairFriday – day which is in power of Venus. The hairstyles which are carried out during this period promote improvement of private life and promise pleasant acquaintances for lonely people;
  6. Saturday – ideal time for procedures for care of ringlets. Various masks and medical procedures will bring a benefit maximum;
  7. Sunday – the adverse period, together with the cut hair of people can miss the happiness.

Interaction of the Moon and signs of elements

The lunar calendar of hairstyles of hair 2018 relies on interaction of a heavenly body with signs of elements. Even the successful phase of the increasing Moon can not render the expected effect if during this period the adverse sign patronizes. Watermarks are considered not as the best satellites of updating of a hairdress. Especially unsuccessful days are when the Moon is in constellation of the Cancer and Fish. Laying doesn’t hold a form at this time and quickly “breaks up”. Cut hair will lose volume and will become very thin.

Signs of Fire promote high-quality and esthetic improvement of a condition of hair. Like a mane of a noble lion, your hairdress will become magnificent and attracting, and any changes in image will be only to the best. It is necessary to be careful of constellation of the Aries “thanks to” which locks can grow dull and become fragile. The Sagittarius shows the neutral relation to hairstyles, however visit of the hairdresser during this period can cause emergence of dandruff.

Air constellations do a hairdress magnificent and easy. Strengthening of hair, restoration of cages is in addition observed. Any laying this day turns out especially successful. However the constellation of Aquarius is an exception of the general air elements. The hairstyle during this period can become the reason of plentiful loss of hair.

Lunar calendar of a hairstyle of hair

Signs of Earth have positive impact on manipulations with ringlets. Laying during this period will look stunningly and the whole day will hold on. Especially well such days are suitable for an ostriganiye of tips – hair will look also accurately long time well-groomed. Visit of beauty shop when in constellation there is a Taurus, will introduce success not only in image updating, but also in financial affairs.

Lunar days – the characteristic:

  • Lunar calendar of a hairstyle of hairThe 1st day – manipulations with hair will lead to problems with health. Coloring of hair is allowed by natural dyes. This procedure will make the relations with colleagues stronger and long-term;
  • The 2nd day – visit of the hairdresser can introduce quarrels and stresses in your life, coloring of hair which favorably influences the financial sphere is allowed;
  • The 3rd day – a hairstyle can become the reason of unforeseen wastes;
  • The 4th day – hair will slowly grow, throat diseases are possible. When coloring hair it isn’t necessary to change considerably a color palette, similar experiment this day will turn out unsuccessful. For the 4th day of a phase of the Moon choose the simplest hairdress is will give force and will restore internal balance;
  • The 5th day – manipulations with hair prophesy financial success. Procedure of clarification of ringlets this day is recommended;
  • The 6th day – the adverse period which can lead to catarrhal diseases. It isn’t recommended to make coloring;
  • The 7th day – updating of a hairdress during this period will attract quarrels and dissonances in the relations with relatives. However this phase of the Moon perfectly is suitable for sharp change of a hair color;
  • The 8th day – the hairstyle will strengthen locks and your situation in society, however it is necessary to refuse procedures of coloring;
  • The 9th day – the hairstyle attracts emergence of dandruff and exhaustion of hair;
  • The 10th day – favorably influences an organism in general;
  • The 11th day – the successful period which together with a new hairdress will introduce sensuality and harmony in your life. Coloring in honey and copper tone will well be displayed on a financial component;
  • The 12th day – extremely it isn’t desirable to carry out manipulations with hair;
  • The 13th day – advantage for hair and increase of your appeal;
  • The 14th day – successful updating of style, giving to density locks;
  • The 15th day – the hairstyle can lead to headaches;
  • The 16th day – is recommended coloring in dark tone;
  • The 17th day – the hairstyle can lead to an indisposition, coloring of locks in light and red tone is allowed;
  • The 18-21st day – updating of a hairdress during this period is undesirable. It will negatively be reflected on health of locks and can lead to loss of property. Coloring is forbidden;
  • The 22nd day – is recommended to paint locks in natural colors;
  • The 23rd day – improvement of appearance of ringlets, immunity strengthening. This day it is possible to paint ringlets in any color scales;
  • The 24th day – the most unsuccessful day for a hairstyle from all cycle;
  • The 25-27th day – the favorable period which together with a new hairdress will attract good luck in your life. Coloring in natural tone will open your skill to communicate and inclinations of the diplomat;
  • The 28th day – the new hairstyle will make you more charming for people around, and here it is necessary to refrain from procedure of coloring as it, on the contrary, can undermine the deserved social status;
  • The 29th day – manipulations with ringlets will cause a breakdown and delay of brain activity;
  • The 30th day – hairstyles and colourings are forbidden.

Lunar calendar of a hairstyle of hair