Modern types of coloring of hair

Modern types of coloring of hair. Author: Author | 25. 04. 2018. This type of coloring is a version pattern. In the course of work, each of separate zones of indumentum is painted in separate tone.

Quite often many women have no time or funds for high-quality painting of the hair. In this case they have to rely on themselves. On store shelves we can see hundreds of various brands of dyes for hair which continued compete with each other for exacting clients by means of unique ways of causing color. How to reach an ideal hair color in house conditions?

Before coloring

Many women got used to wash hair with shampoo before painting. Unfortunately, they make one of the biggest mistakes. Before coloring it is necessary to leave hair fat during, at least about four days. Sebaceous glands make fat which protects hair from damages. Washing away hair before coloring, the natural layer of skin is broken.

Modern types of coloring of hair

Before beginning painting, be convinced that production chosen by you corresponds to type and a shade of your hair. colors. Try to paint the smallest and imperceptible site and look as this color contacts your hair.

If it is wrong to pick up paint, it can lead to bad results which will be noticeable to people around. For achievement of the best effect, it is important to have all necessary tools. The main of them is the brush for putting paint and also capacity in which it will be stored.

Of course, independent painting of hair has certain advantages. However you shouldn’t forget about shortcomings also. If you don’t want to risk, it is better to address to beauty shop where skillful experts will make to you everything top-level. You can always use services of the Moscow salon having registered on the site.

3 d painting

The effect 3D gives the chance to make special and brilliant color. Such painting will be able to draw attention of people. She allows to create diverse and unique color schemes with effect of change of volume of hair. After 3 D paintings, all colors start being poured with each other and create a unique image.

Pattern coloring

Modern types of coloring of hair

This way includes causing bright colors and drawings. As it draws to itself(himself) special attention, with its help many young want to be distinguished from surrounding people. Only highly specialized masters have to do performance of such work. At this painting it will be insufficiently simple to pick up the necessary drawing. It is necessary to make skillfully a cliche and after that it is accurate and beautiful to put the image.

Such coloring suits not all women. It should be done only to those of them who has a dense and equal hair. Drawings which thus are applied on hair to stick to about 1 month. Further it is possible to execute correction: hairstyle and additional painting. Depending on the customer’s wish, the drawings executed under a cliche can have a different form. Most often they are done vertical, horizontal, in the form of wavy lines and zigzags. Thus, they always mean bright and juicy shades.

Block coloring

This type of coloring is a version pattern. In the course of work, each of separate zones of indumentum is painted in separate tone. This procedure is carried out by means of a crest and a brush for putting paint. By means of this method of hair-dyeing, it is possible to divide head zones on separate tone and drawings. Some prefer to carry out coloring in chessboard order.

What type of coloring you wouldn’t prefer for the hair, it is always worth considering degree of qualification of the master, after all quality of the performed work also will depend on it.