Oxidizers for a hair-dye: how to choose?

When coloring hair it is very important to correlate amount of paint and an oxidizer correctly. After all color will be able to prove when in structure there is an oxidizer. In fact, paint can’t independently prove.

When coloring hair it is very important to correlate amount of paint and an oxidizer correctly. After all color will be able to prove when in structure there is an oxidizer. In fact, paint can’t independently prove. For this reason, buying paint, it is possible to see two bottles in packing: one bottle with paint, the second with an oxidizer. Often the oxidizer is called as developer. That coloring was full, it is important to pick up the correct proportions of components.

Of course, the choice of paints is huge unlike an oxidizer choice. But even it is necessary to know here, what features developer as it is correct to choose it possesses. The ratio has to be such that it was possible to paint hair in desirable color.

What is it

Developer helps paint that it could influence hair. Thus ringlets are painted in the color wished for you. Coloring of hair simply won’t lead to good result, procedure will be useless.

Oxidizers for a hair-dye: how to choose?

Than effect of developer is caused? The most important component which is a part is hydrogen peroxide. As a part of an oxidizer the amount of peroxide can vary. On average values lie in the range of 1, 8% up to 12%.

If as a part of developer less than 2% of peroxide contain, such means are sparing for hair. Besides, paint on hair will be shown very little. Other options where developer contains more, finally will influence more rigidly a head of hear.

There is a number of oxidizers which contain 3% in the structure, 6% and 9% of peroxide.

These developers carry the name of the classical:

  1. Oxidizer as a part of which 3% of peroxide, it is capable to paint hair in natural color to clarify or darken a little. Usually it can’t be more, than on 1 tone.
  2. If in structure there are 6% of peroxide, the effect will be much more noticeable. It is possible to paint hair in this case on 2 tones. It is also possible to paint over qualitatively gray-haired ringlets or to be recoloured in red color, red or copper.
  3. The oxidizer with percentage of peroxide in 9% is capable to relieve too hard hair of a gray hair.
  4. The most rigid option: 9% of peroxide as a part of developer. They need to be used only if you wish to change appearance very strongly. It is necessary to be accurate strongly not to injure hair.

On video — oxidizers for a hair-dye:

Each producer on packing of goods specifies that percentage of peroxide which he considers it necessary. Thus figures can deviate major importances in both parties. You shouldn’t be trusted for all 100% to producers, follow only what effect want to achieve you.

Besides, the oxidizer is capable to show also other properties besides coloring of hair. The oxidizer is applied to paint washing off if color turned out nonsaturated or in general the result appeared not that at all.

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Dekapirovaniye – so is called procedure as a result of which it is washed away from hair. Most often only in salons offer similar procedure. To remove the painting pigments, it is necessary to use an oxidizer which will more rigidly affect structure of hair, than an oxidizer when coloring.

Concentration of an oxidizer in special structure for washing off makes more than 12%. All mix is applied on hair by means of a hairbrush. Later certain time hair are washed by means of shampoo. Such procedure won’t take away time from you much. Any special components too won’t be necessary. It is necessary to have peroxide and shampoo only. But nevertheless you shouldn’t abuse such procedure. And coloring needs to be carried out, doing intervals for rest of hair. The oxidizer with any concentration of peroxide is capable to make hair dry and thin.

It is worth paying attention that usually in a box with paint and developer there is also a balm. He will help to make right after coloring hair softer. Negative influence will be to a certain extent reduced.

On video it is told how to part a hair-dye with an oxidizer:


Most often the producer himself writes on packing, in what proportions they need to be mixed. If the oxidizer is on sale separately, on a tube will be specified how to use it. If it is on sale together with paint, look for information on a pack.

If coloring happens in very bright tone, usually components mix in identical quantities.

But it doesn’t say that on all paints these proportions will be specified. Depending on what will be the structure, and proportions will depend on other parameters. Often girls ask a question that will occur in case oxidizer is more or less necessary quantity. Oxidizers for a hair-dye: how to choose?

That to expect if developer is less, than it is necessary. Best of all not to make such mistakes. If oxidizer nevertheless it appears less, to clarify hair fully it won’t turn out. When coloring in dark tone color will be very dim. If the purpose consisted what to clean a gray hair, to paint over it, most likely, in this case it won’t turn out.

The excess amount of paint leads to that ringlets can be injured very strongly. It will result in rigidity of hair, and it is necessary to restore them rather long time. It is rather easy to burn through hair in this case. If you decided to dye a hair without use of an oxidizer, don’t wait in general for any result.

In this case paint won’t be able to influence hair in any way. Even initially white color of paint says that the effect without oxidizer any can’t achieve. In this case the money spent for purchase will are simply wasted.

As it is correct to part

Most it is important not to do much harm in the course of coloring to hair. And if they already weak and problem, after coloring it is necessary to conduct some courses of restoration. We will consider the detailed instruction of mixing of developer and paint.

  1. First of all it is necessary to study thoroughly applied instruction to paint and an oxidizer. If oil components are a part of paint, here it is necessary to consider that such means are incompatible with hydrogen peroxide. At use of professional paints it is important to carry out the test to check reaction of skin. The mixed components apply on a couple of minutes on a hand and watch reaction. If she curls up, such structure can’t be applied by no means. For mixing it is necessary to use the capacities made of plastic, ceramics or I flew down.
  2. From the professional point of view it is necessary to pour out at first in capacity an oxidizer, only after that to add paint. Interaction will begin at once therefore it is necessary to mix all structure as it is possible more carefully. Even in the course of coloring it is necessary not to forget to stir slowly structure by means of a special brush. It is also possible to take the brush made of glass or ceramics. Stirring purpose: homogeneous mass without lumps and a clot of the painting pigment.
  3. If you decided to experiment and mix the oxidizers released different firms, it is better not to do it. As a result you can face that weight will have non-uniform structure. If so to make, color will be nonsaturated, and its firmness will decrease many times. It will start being washed away after the first washing. Contraindicated to mix paint with any other components. First of all it is about henna. It can’t be mixed and added by no means.
  4. The maintenance of an oxidizer – the key parameter on which the effect of coloring depends. When painting hair of the house it is best of all to take an oxidizer where the content of peroxide will vary from 6% to 7, 5%.
  5. Buy 2 packings of paint, if hair either long, or dense. It isn’t necessary to stint. Hair on all length evenly have to be painted. It will be necessary to mix 2 tubes of paint and 2 tubes of an oxidizer. That is anyway the ratio has to be 1 to 1.
  6. It is very strong only paint as a part of which there is an oxidizer and ammonia can change color of ringlets. In this case color will be saturated and steady.

As to choose it

The first and most important rule, that components have to be one firm. Counting oxidizer proportions, you will be able to gain the expected effect. But if paint and an oxidizer is from different firms, here it is possible to wait for surprises. Usually the producer writes, how many the oxidizer of the same brand will be required. If developer is from other producer, here everything should be recalculated, being guided by percentage of peroxide. Oxidizers for a hair-dye: how to choose?

The cost of components lies ranging from 10 to 17 USD. But here women who have long hair, prefer to buy not ready structures, but all components separately. Producers who let out paints at the professional level, already long time let out paint and an oxidizer separately.

It is very convenient for many. Paint costs an average of 10 USD, the oxidizer will cost as much. Advantage of purchase consists that the received structure will be enough for two colourings. It is so possible to pick up also independently color, and an oxidizer not too rigid to choose.

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Experts recommend to buy components from professional brands. So hair will keep the most natural structure, hair minimum will be injured. If to speak about cost, the oxidizer of the Matrix brand of 1 l will cost about 24 USD. The oxidizer of the Cutrin brand of 1 liter will cost a little less – 17 USD.