Rating of professional matrix wella londa estel paints

Mix the chosen dye with oxide. Apply mix on roots on hair partings. Begin coloring with a triangle on a nape as it is considered a cold zone, on it hair are thicker and they need more time for coloring.

Psychologists and stylists claim: you want to change the life – begin with a hair color. And this is true. The woman pins the grandiose plans and radiant hopes on each coloring of hair: new work, the first appointment, a trip to the resort, etc. In too time change of a hair color assumes a certain risk. After all nobody guarantees absolutely good result. And a lot of things depend on a choice of a hair-dye here. What advantages of professional paints? How to use them? About it the speech will go further.

Pluses and minuses of professional hair-dyes

For a start let’s understand a distinction question between professional tools and nonprofessional products. It should be noted at once that the professional hair-dye seldom is on sale in usual shops as most often producers insist on its distribution only in beauty shops and specialized shops of professional cosmetics for hair.

Rating of professional matrix wella londa estel paints Amateur paint

Obvious difference of these two types of paints are contents of packings. Amateur paint always includes a tube with paint and separately a flakonchik with oxide, and also, perhaps, with the clarifying powder. It simplest, convenient and practical.

The professional hair-dye doesn’t mean existence of one type of oxide. Their producers prefer an individual approach to each type of hair. Depending on a natural shade, including, on roots of hair, conditions of hair, existence of traces of the previous coloring, the master uses different percent of oxide in the necessary combination. Also the expert pays attention to the result which is shown in the course of coloring and introduces amendments on the process course. That is why professional paints are usually used in salons.

Rating of professional matrix wella londa estel paints Professional tools

At such masterful approach the client can be sure that desirable color it isn’t simple dream, and easily embodied reality. All these moments aren’t considered by production of amateur paints that often leads to unexpected results.

The palette of professional paints is very rich. These paints can be mixed as for receiving new, including unusual shades, and for neutralization of yellowness or greenish outflow which can be shown when using nonprofessional paints.

One more advantage of professional paints that they differ in the natural and hypoallergenic structure directed not only on coloring of hair, but also on their restoration. Producers often supplement them with specially developed protein complexes, extracts of plants moisturizing with acids. Nonprofessional dyes, owing to the relative low cost of production, can’t compete with professional analogs.

Among the main advantages of professional series there is their firmness. The girl with ease can turn from the brunette into the blonde that is impossible when coloring by nonprofessional products.

At the same time It should be noted also two small minuses of professional dyes. In about – the first, such products are more expensive; secondly, it is better to make coloring in salon under the sensitive guide of the skilled master that also hits the pocket. However, producers of professional paints almost always develop the budgetary series which purchase any lady is able to afford. And it is possible to agree with the hairdresser about painting at home too with benefit for himself.

Professional hair-dye it is impossible to be used in the presence of damages on head skin, and also for coloring of eyebrows and eyelashes.

When coloring in house conditions attentively read the instruction which is attached to professional paint of any type, and carefully observe all recommendations.

How to pick up color

Having decided on acquisition of professional paint, you can get up before a problem of a choice of color. The matter is that, unlike amateur paints, on packings with professional products you won’t see habitual names of shades. On tubes instead of the accurate name costs some figures. How to understand it?

Rating of professional matrix wella londa estel paints Marking example

The set of figures designates colors and shades. To understand, what paint best of all answers inquiries, it is necessary to know the principle of coding of signs. The first to a point always designates a saturation of color, for example: 1 – black, 7 – fair-haired, 10 – platinum / blond.

The second figure following after a point indicates a shade, for example: 5 – light brown / the brown-haired person, 9 – very light fair-haired. The third figure designates additional tone: 4 — copper, 6 – red, 8 – chocolate.

In total 3 indicators in a combination with each other give unique color and a shade of the painting preparation which has to turn out as a result of the correct coloring of hair.

Oxide choice

To dye a hair professional dyes, it is insufficiently simple to understand a combination of figures for obtaining desirable color. It is necessary to select still correctly to them oxide without which oxidation process the tsvetoobrazuyushchikh of components is impossible.

Rating of professional matrix wella londa estel paints Oxide

Oxide — the liquid of dairy color necessary for chemical reaction with the decolouring powders, creams, dyes (clarifying, permanent and semi-permanent).

Designations on a bottle in the form of 1,8% (6 vol.); 3% (10 vol.); 6% (20 vol.); 9% (30 vol.); 12% (40vol.) point to what concentration of peroxide of hydrogen is the share of 1 liter of a kremoobrazuyushchy consistence. Oxides usually mix up with dyes in a proportion 1:1, and with powders – 1:2.

For toning of the clarified or decoloured hair, and also for easy updating of color oxides are used low-percentage (activators); depending on the producer they happen from 1,5% to 2,5%.

In case of coloring to match or with blackout 3% an oxidizer are used. If you wish to receive is one tone lighter, 6% oxide (for painting of a gray hair it is used most often than the others) are applied.

Clarification on two tones is carried out for 9% an oxidizer. The same and 12% oxide are applied with dyes of the special clarifying group (11; 12 series, etc.) in a proportion of mixing 1:2 (on one gram of dye — two grams of an oxidizer).

Rules of coloring

At the initial stage it is necessary to mix dye with oxide, for example, 1:1,5 (it is desirable to weigh on scales). If to part too liquidly, color will turn out transparent and unstable. If is more dense, hair will turn out more dark, and color will be difficult to be removed further from hair.

At maintenance of color on length and toning of just decoloured hair dye gets divorced 1:2.

Dyes of a natural and chocolate row paint in pure form a gray hair to 70%, other shades – on average to 30%. If a gray hair of 30-70%, mix a desirable shade with natural in a proportion 1:1. Also the oxide percent also depends on quantity of a gray hair: the more gray hairs, the it is higher than a percent.

The technician of painting of hair is a lot of, we will consider the most widespread in house conditions – coloring of the grown roots.

Rating of professional matrix wella londa estel paints Process of coloring of hair

  1. Before coloring on the regional line of growth of hair apply protective cream (or any fat cream).
  2. Divide hair into four zones: a hair parting from a forehead to a nape, from an ear to an ear through the highest point of the head.
  3. Mix the chosen dye with oxide.
  4. Apply mix on roots on hair partings. Begin coloring with a triangle on a nape as it is considered a cold zone, on it hair are thicker and they need more time for coloring. If there is a gray hair, begin with a triangle where it is more than it. Divide the first block diagonal hair partings on one centimeter and you apply dye on the grown roots (if coloring primary, dye you put at once on all length of a lock). In the same way paint other blocks.
  5. When coloring don’t comb hair: in a damp state they are very vulnerable and it is easy to damage them. The head needs to be covered with nothing not to break the thermal mode, hair have to be loosened.
  6. Count hold time from the last dab. Maintain natural, gold, ashy shades 30-35 minutes; violet, copper, makhagonovy, chocolate – 40-45 minutes; the red – 45-50 minutes, special blonda – 50-55 minutes. If to reduce hold time – color will be soft and will quickly be washed away if to increase more than for 15 minutes – color will turn out more dark.
  7. If on length of hair color became dim, it can be painted. But not the same structure with which painted roots, differently the hair color will become opaque, without gloss and will be quickly washed away. It is necessary to use oxide of 3% (1:2) through 10-15 after drawing on roots. The purpose – not to dye a hair on length, and to add gloss and the washed-up color. When coloring length of hair with a gray hair, don’t mix a desirable shade with natural, differently it can be darkened.
  8. Before washing away the painting structure from hair, properly make foam it and leave on hair for 2-5 minutes. It is called as “emulsification”. Then carefully wash away paint water, and then you apply colored hair shampoo, and further – the paint stabilizer (if it is a part of a product), which it is necessary to sustain 6 minutes.

Rating of the best professional brands

Professional paints let out the world famous cosmetic companies. On the basis of responses it is possible to make TOP-8 producers of the most popular professional tools for coloring of hair. Entered it:

Rating of professional matrix wella londa estel paints The cascade with a bang: types and ways of creation of a hairdress

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In total about a hairdress a malvinka:

  • Wella Professionals. Contains 3 categories of a color palette: light, dark and red shades;

Rating of professional matrix wella londa estel paints Wella Professionals

  • Estel Professional paint. Differs in unusual flowers and various shades. Except paint, the firm makes the looking after cosmetics, to it it is possible to pick up oxidizers of different concentration;
  • Schwarzkopf Professional. The most popular Igora Royal paint completely paints over a gray hair, has a rich color palette, contains the looking after component;
  • Matrix. Various colors and shades (“denim”, “wood motives”, “a metallic topaz”), high degree of firmness, large volume of a tube – distinctive features of this product.
  • Cutrin. In the catalog — more than 100 shades, saturated colors, bezammiachny began to smell;
  • Londa Professional. Perfectly paints over a gray hair, has dense kremoobrazny texture and high resistance;
  • L’Oreal Professionnal. It is rich with a color palette, including mikstona, differs in the lowered content of peroxide of hydrogen;

Rating of professional matrix wella londa estel paints L’Oreal Professionnal

  • Keune. Very resistant paint, the firm oxidizer and serum for care of a dyed hair are applied to it.

According to stylists, a professional product – the best choice among hair-dyes. Use of such means allows to receive a resistant desirable shade which the long time will keep on hair.


Professional tools you watch more details about coloring of hair at video


The main rule of a choice of professional paint sounds so: the best hair-dye is that preparation which won’t do harm and will lighten mood. Choose from offered only the best, use recommendations about coloring of hair – and then to you following, dear women, each man will look.