Coloring of a gray hair henna and basmy

How to dye a gray hair by means of henna and a basma? Painting of a gray hair henna and basmy. Coloring procedure by henna. What result when coloring by henna? How to paint a gray hair basmy in total with henna?

Coloring of a gray hair henna and basmy

Painting of a gray hair henna and basmy

Beauties of Egypt, Persia, Abyssinia and India since ancient times found practical application for a basma and henna which they used for underlining of the grace of hair. Presently many women, resorting to the help of the presented means, make coloring of a gray hair, with the purpose to disguise age changes and thus, without doing harm to the head of hear. However not always everything turns out as it would be desirable, but if to take small nuances and cunnings in the account the result will be dazzling.

Advantages of coloring of hair by means of henna and a basma

Coloring of a gray hair henna and basmy

It is easy to carry out coloring in house conditions

Under the influence of the components which are a part of a basma and henna shades from saturated-black, to brightly red turn out. Coloring is carried out in house conditions, and for the minimum monetary expenses and any chemical components which spoil structure of hair bulbs. Also at regular coloring of hair basmy and henna their growth is stimulated, the structure becomes stronger and the looking after impact on head skin is made. It is reached thanks to influence of the tannins which are in structure of the painting means.

Origin and characteristic of "Henna"

Natural henna – is made of the crushed leaves of a henna not prickly. This plant can be found in warm dry climatic zones. It is applied as the disinfecting, anti-inflammatory, wound healing and restoring means.

The component influences a gray hair not only as paint, but also as the important assistant at restoration of a natural power and beauty.

Origin and characteristic of "Basma"

Basma – turns out from the dried-up and crushed indigofer. Pure powder of this plant it is possible to paint wool and other various takn. As a result various dark-azure and emerald shades turn out. Basma it is also possible to paint hair, but color to turn out not absolutely enviable: blue or green. However this misunderstanding can be avoided when using additional dyes. Are ideally suited for these purposes:

  • Henna;
  • Colors;
  • Coffee.
Coloring of a gray hair henna and basmy

Basma powder

If upon purchase on a label the additional components which are listed above are specified, it isn’t necessary to worry. The basma will need to dilute 100% with other dye.

What nuances at hair-dyeing by henna need to be considered?

Hair are painted by henna in a “pure” look in bright orange or is saturated – a copper shade. If they by nature have dark color, but gradually the gray hair already started being shown, you shouldn’t be upset. Color all the same will turn out uniform. If there is too much gray hair on the head — it is already more difficult. Color can turn out unpredictable. Often gray-haired locks painted by henna gain color of bright orange.

So before dyeing hair, without additional dyes think, whether such color is necessary to you. If the turned gray and pigmented locks are distributed approximately equally on the head, the result will be magnificent and it is beautiful to look. And if a gray hair is located “separately”, for example, only on the top, it will be not really beautiful.

Coloring of a gray hair henna and basmy

Preparation of structure

Firmness of color after the first coloring depends directly on a type of hair. Quicker and more deeply dye gets in soft, and on rigid good result it to turn out or at long endurance, or after several “procedures”. It is possible to leave such paint till six o’clock, after all the chemistry isn’t present, and nothing will be able, will do much harm to hair, and will do only good.

Preparation for coloring by henna

Before starting coloring procedure by henna, it is necessary to be prepared. For those who treats surprises not really kindly, it is recommended to make experiment on a separate lock. For this purpose it is necessary:

  • To wash out hair professional shampoo for deep cleaning;
  • To dry up, choose 1 lock and evenly to paint it henna on all length;
  • To wash away in 5 minutes.

If experiment was successful and everything suits you, it is possible to start coloring of all head of hear.

Attention! Use of the conditioner or balm is forbidden.

Coloring procedure by henna

In total as at usual coloring. The painting structure is applied on dry hair, for improvement of action of components over the head the special hat puts on and obvorachivatsya by a towel.

It is possible to strengthen return of a natural pigment by means of henna having filled in with its boiled water.

Effective it is considered the following option for which implementation it is necessary:

  1. Coloring of a gray hair henna and basmy

    Painting procedure

    To dissolve powder in warm water and after to warm up within three minutes on a water bath;

  2. To add a little kefir or white wine. The sour environment provides firmness of color better;
  3. To paint the turned-out structure hair. Only it is necessary to do it at once after preparation of means because if paint long breathes “air” — it will affect result (it will be worse).

What result when coloring by henna?

Here everything depends on a desirable shade. If you want to receive more saturated and dark color as a result of coloring of hair henna – it is necessary to hold it long and the more the better result. For obtaining bright color 1 hour suffices.

How to paint a gray hair basmy in total with henna?

Shades, when using these two components it is possible to receive quite a lot, ratio examples:

  • 1:1, result: saturated copper;
  • 2:1 where there is more than basma – the shade is more dark;
  • 2:1 where there is more than henna – color is lighter with a red shade.

At addition of natural ground coffee, strong black tea or cocoa of powder chocolate shades turn out.

Council! Don’t mix white henna from the basmy at all! Hair will become green or blue and plus, white henna – paint with chemical impurity.

Coloring of a gray hair henna and basmy

Result of coloring

To avoid undesirable result make experiment in mixing of paint and test it on a small lock, after all it is correct to calculate all details without experience rather hard.

Preparation of structure for coloring on the basis of a basma

Mix prepares in the similar way, as usual henna. At addition of a yolk or vegetable oil, the painting mix will be applied more exactly. Oil can be both culinary, and cosmetic, the powerful difference in it isn’t present. For increase in term of carrying new color to wash away warm water without shampoo use.

To paint a gray hair in black color basmy, too it is real, but in two stages:

  1. At first to use pure henna, red color as a result turns out;
  2. Next day or at once, to paint pure basmy, the minimum a dark chestnut or black as a result turns out (everything depends on structure and type of hair).

Harm to hair two-stage use of different paints won’t be done, after all it is natural and harmless dyes by nature.

Also, the address to the specialist hairdresser who will help to calculate correctly everything that the desirable result turned out will become effective, and you remained, are to the maximum happy.