Technology of coloring to an ombra on dark hair of a photo

This coloring assumes transition from dark roots to more and more light tips with the intermediate piece painted in gradient tone. Hair from roots to tips, paint smooth transition from dark to the light.

Coloring to an ombra — a remarkable way to emphasize beauty of hair, having allocated some locks on tips with a contrast color. This simple, but effective equipment is now extraordinary popular. In article we will consider all advantages of coloring by means of equipment to an ombra of dark hair.

In what specifics

The word “ombre” with some distortion is translated from native French as “a shadow strip”. So it also is — this coloring assumes a certain contrast of light and dark tones. Of course, on dark color hair such contrast will look most considerably and therefore — it is effective. Ombre can do both with indistinct border of transition, and with sharp, grafichny. In general it is a type of coloring can be and extravagant, scandalous — with use various unusual color of paints, and soft, quiet — with the shades approached to natural. This coloring assumes transition from dark roots to more and more light tips with the intermediate piece painted in gradient tone.

Technology of coloring to an ombra on dark hair of a photo

Advantages to an ombra on dark hair

Certainly, this effective coloring can be done on hair of any shade, but in coloring of dark ringlets there are remarkable advantages. Which:

  • coloring of dark hair is considered more sparing. After all in this case there is no need in continuous coloring of roots in dark color — they and so by nature dark. In general most of women having a hair color dark, uniform by nature prefer roots not to touch, and to paint only tips;
  • correction of the person. It is possible to correct a little visually a face form, having made it more extended. So, if the woman has a person of a round form, it will be is ideally suited diagonal to an ombra — the person will become growing thin and already.
  • it is possible to achieve the additional volume of a hairdress, using some shades close to each other when coloring;
  • gives a rich field for experiments with a color, without resorting to radical measures. Allows brunettes to become though to a few blondes and vice versa;
  • harmoniously looks practically on any hair. Only if at the girl hair curly by nature — in this case to an ombra can not betray all smoothness and beauty of gradient transition. A curly hair sputyvatsya often, greasing with it all effect to an ombra.
  • simple procedure.

Before making such coloring, it is worth treating hair. All beauty and noble chic of ombre-coloring reveals more fully on well-groomed hair.

Technicians okrashivnaiya

  • the classical. The hairdresser uses two shades of paint. Transition indistinct, indistinct. This option — the most suitable for brunettes. Classical to an ombra creates attractive patches of light on ringlets that adds them smart healthy shine. Patches of light look very naturally and attractively. Most often the equipment to an ombra with such shades is applied to dark hair: wheat, fair-haired, coffee. Still amber and red shades are very often used reddish.

Technology of coloring to an ombra on dark hair of a photo Classical to an ombra

  • light roots with the decoloured tips. At this version to an ombra it is necessary to clarify dark hair after all on some tones. Tips completely become colourless. This option is ideally suited for girls, whose hair color rather chestnut-colored, than black. Such way not absolutely suits burning brunettes and girls with other dark shades of hair as in this case to achieve considerable clarification of a head of hear will be problematic. And it is harmful. And, as practice shows, not really that and goes such coloring to brunettes.

Technology of coloring to an ombra on dark hair of a photo Ombre on a fair hair

  • the grown brondirovaniye on dark hair. Remarkable option for busy women. This version to an ombra differs in the created effect of moderately grown roots. It is possible or paint them in necessary color, or to leave at all unpainted — they will naturally grow. Hair from roots to tips, paint smooth transition from dark to the light. Such way suits both dark-haired women, and ladies with a fair-haired head of hear of all shades.

It is to an ombra it is possible to make even houses, especially if you already have an experience of autographic coloring of hair simple paint.

  • to ombra with a strip. Such option will suit not each girl, for example, hardly it is possible to imagine the average female housewife in 50 years with similar coloring. But if the woman is young soul, the age can be not considered. This look assumes for a start uniform coloring of hair in one color, and then in this or that place the strip of lighter shade is allocated with contrast paint. The combination looks very effectively. Especially love such coloring of the girl of the creative specialties belonging to a bohemian party. In the world hairdresser’s industry such coloring is called “splэshlajts”. At professionally executed such look to an ombra the effect as if of instant light flash is created.

Technology of coloring to an ombra on dark hair of a photo Ombre with a strip

  • the color. Here it is possible to embody in reality all wishes of the client concerning various flowers and shades. Though pink with the blue — in this look to an ombra restrictions aren’t present. Ringlets are painted by the principle of a gradient with smooth transition. Usually quite extravagant images which will definitely not disregard you turn out. You watch an example at a photo.

Technology of coloring to an ombra on dark hair of a photo Color to an ombra

Smooth transition

It is the most widespread and conservative version to an ombra. There are no sharp jumps, any scandalous extravagance. Everything is decent, quiet, but from it it isn’t less beautiful. The t Oka a type of coloring gives noble stylishness to an image, allocating the woman from crowd.

Smooth transitions look quite naturally and naturally. As though you spent holidays under the southern sun, rolling on a beach, and your hair simply burned out. Honey and amber shades will look especially beautifully. Warm wheaten color too remarkably will approach. Э ti colors will provide especially beautiful transitions and game of patches of light on ringlets.

If it is necessary to add a little extravagance, choose shades red, juicy and red, gold. When using these shades your hair will be similar as though on them flame uvulas dance that at constantly moving ringlets looks extremely zavorazhivayushche.

How to pick up the correct shade of paint

By Ombre as though it is created to emphasize beauty and depth of dark shades of hair. Before coloring before the woman, of course, there will be a question — what shade of paint to choose for clarification of the tips. And how to make sure — whether it will go a shade to skin, a natural shade of hair.

Technology of coloring to an ombra on dark hair of a photo

Dark-haired all richest scale of various flowers and shades can be available to women. So girls in dark eyes can use warm colors, and light-eyed brunettes will suit also cold shades of paints.

Address to the professional in order that it is correct to pick up a paint shade to the hair. Don’t forget that with the chosen color you should pass rather long time therefore it is important that this choice was at once correct. It will help to preserve nervous cages and mood.

Features of procedure

We will consider how do coloring to an ombra. If your hair dark by nature, and you didn’t paint them long ago, it will be much simpler to make to an ombra. And here if ringlets were painted recently dark shades then your master should sweat and make more efforts — after all in this case roots should be decoloured at first, and then to paint.

Stages to an ombra:

  • the preparatory. At this preliminary stage the client together with the master choose 2 shades of paint, selecting that color as much as possible was in harmony with skin, eyes and in general with shape of the girl.
  • coloring of tips. The master applies the chosen paint on tips of hair at distance about 10 cm from the end above. Paint is maintained the put time, washed away. Hair need to be dried.
  • repeated coloring. The stage is responsible for creation of smooth transition. Now paint needs to be applied some cm above, than tips. Hold it less time, than for the first time and wash away.
  • again tips. It is desirable to clarify tips for achievement of more contrast effect again.

You look on a condition of hair. For dry, fragile ringlets this option is excluded — the injured hair will come to even more deplorable state because of so intensive chemical processing.

  • the looking after procedures. At this final stage the master washes with shampoo hair of the client and processes them after washing by special balm that softens coloring consequences a little.

How to make to a house ombra

Of course, it is best of all to entrust this difficult business to the professional. However, if there is no desire or opportunity to get to the master, and coloring beautiful there is a wish, it is possible to make his houses independently. Besides now on sale already there are special sets for house coloring to an ombra.

Technology of coloring to an ombra on dark hair of a photo Hairstyles for volume: stylish options for average hair

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In total about a hairstyle for boys of teenagers:


  • choose qualitative paint. Don’t think that using unclear what producer even if this product and costs a little, you receive at yourself on the head the result similar to an ombra at stars. No, so doesn’t happen. From cheap paint hair can get only cheap color. Besides, and such paint does harm rather big. Therefore choose quality, after all hair — it is beauty and health, an indicator of how the woman looks after herself. The best option — to visit professional shop where sell expendables for beauty shops and to get paint there. Difference of professional paint from the nonprofessional — is less than harm and predictability of result;
  • prepare such subjects: the special oxidizer — it too should be got in shop, a pan for paint, a brush. Well and paint, naturally;

Technology of coloring to an ombra on dark hair of a photo Tools for coloring of hair

  • mix an oxidizer and paint;
  • apply the turned-out structure on tips;
  • sustain half an hour. Or other time specified on packing;
  • wash up hair and dry up;
  • put the second layer — it will be required to hold it less time — minutes 15. Take a half of time from initial keeping of the painted tips. Wash away, dry;
  • again apply the paint remains on tips and take 7-10 minutes. Wash away;
  • wash up the head with shampoo, surely having processed after washing a head of hear balm. In total.

Accurately follow all rules, differently instead of beautiful coloring it is possible to receive unclear oddish result which will be more similar to careless botched work, than to art.

Leaving after coloring

After coloring of dark hair by means of equipment the ombra behind them will be needs special leaving — simple, but regular. Highlights to which it is necessary to pay attention:

  1. Get rid of a brittle hair, feed ringlets that they looked healthy. On the dry, exhausted head of hear of effect of luxury and the shining modulations not to achieve.
  2. Hair have to be surely well combed and make impression of the well-groomed. Ombre looks very carelessly on not well-groomed head of hear, making impression of dirt and a smearing.
  3. Cut from time to time tips that they didn’t split.
  4. Hair balms, masks and serums are obligatory to use.
  5. Don’t abuse hair dryers, curling irons, rectifiers, thermohair curlers — all these means fine dry hair.

Technology of coloring to an ombra on dark hair of a photo Devices for hair dressing


The bright example of procedure of coloring for an ombra is shown on video


In general, having chosen coloring of dark hair by means of equipment to an ombra, you receive beautiful gradient, “live” color with the minimum losses. Hair remain healthy, get a luster, stylishly look — and all this beauty at appropriate leaving will please you rather long time.