Wax strips for an epilation: rules of effective use

Removal of hair. In packing except wax strips there are special oiled napkins and the instruction which costs attentively. Wax strips lie in packing in couples by "person" to each other. They need to be warmed, having rubbed between palms, and to separate.

Wax strips for an epilation: rules of effective use

Today there are some ways to get rid of undesirable vegetation on a body.

One of inexpensive, effective and convenient ways — wax strips for depilation.

Types of wax strips for depilation

Wax strips are presented in the market by a set of the most different brands of the producer and types of the goods. Correctly to choose, it is necessary not to hurry, and attentively to read concrete information on packing.

Wax strips differ with thickness and the sizes of a paper and wax layer, quality of wax. There are universal strips, however it is better to choose such which are intended for a concrete type of skin (dry, fat, normal or sensitive).

Choose strips for your type of skin.

Besides, also specialized wax strips for removal of hair on hands, standing, on a face or in the field of bikini are issued. They are issued more suitable sizes, thus, also features of growth of hair in concrete zones are considered.

Wax strips for an epilation: rules of effective use Consequences from hyaluronic acid pricks. Young skin at any age.

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Removal of hair

Wax strips for an epilation: rules of effective use In packing except wax strips there are special oiled napkins and the instruction which should be read attentively.

To execute an epilation by means of strips, at first it is necessary to apply a little talc on clean dry skin.

Wax strips lie in packing in couples by “person” to each other. They need to be warmed, having rubbed between palms, and to separate.

It is important not to overheat strips, they have to become lukewarm, approximately, as body temperature. If to rub them strongly and long, from friction they will too be warmed and wax remains then on skin, and hairs will be removed poor.

Further wax strips are pasted on skin in places of removal of hair in the direction of their growth. The strip has to be pasted densely, for this purpose it smooth a palm, intensively pressing.

Now it is possible to remove a wax strip, tearing off thus hairs. It becomes against growth of hair. One hand fixes skin below a strip, another it comes off the sharp movement. If hairs remained, procedure can be repeated.

At an otryvaniye of strips it is important not to pull them up, then skin is more strongly injured. The movement with which the strip comes off, has to be directed along a surface of the processed site, is the closest to skin.

Tear off a strip the movement along a skin surface.

Independently it is possible to depilate by means of wax strips different parts of a body. Removal of hair over an upper lip, above or below eyebrows, on a chin is quite available.

Standing independently to cope with removal of hair quite simply. And here with hands or armpits it will be more difficult as it is necessary to fix skin and to tear off a strip at the same time, and it isn’t convenient when processing hands and armpits.

As for the line of bikini, strips it is convenient to take away hair in the area of linen, from an internal surface of hips. The epilation of deep bikini in such a way usually doesn’t become.

Council No. 1
Before carrying out depilation it is recommended to pay attention to length of hairs. They have to be not less than 5 mm, differently wax won’t be able “to pull out” them.
Approximately a day before procedure it is necessary to make a peeling for removal and peeling of the top horn layer of skin. In house conditions the peeling does wax depilation by more effective.


  • Injuries of skin in the field of an epilation,
  • Exacerbation of any skin diseases,
  • The increased body temperature,
  • Insufficient length of hair.

What to do if it is sick

Hardly it is possible to call procedure of an epilation painless. Someone is able to suffer from such pain, and to someone not to cope with these feelings. That procedure was less painful, it is possible to use small cunnings:

  • To steam out skin before procedure,
  • Previously to use a srub,
  • It is better to do depilation in the first week after the monthly.

Before procedure steam out skin!

Preliminary processing of skin will make removal of hair easier, so, less painful. Reaction of an organism to pain differs during the different periods of a female cycle. To feel less pain, it is better to carry out such procedure when you are quiet and relaxed.

If to suffer there are no forces, it is possible to use Eml’s cream or spray Lidocaine. These are anesthetics for drawing on skin.

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After depilation

How to remove the wax remains

After removal of wax strips from skin on it often there is a wax quantity. In packing with strips there are special napkins which are intended for removal of the remains of wax. If these napkins weren’t enough, it is possible to use one of means:

  • The fabric napkin moistened in olive, sunflower oil
  • Fat cream,
  • Special skin lotion after wax depilation,
  • Warming up of skin the hair dryer through a fabric napkin.

Recommendations about wax washing off by warm water meet soap. This way is least effective, besides additional dehumidification after depilation not in the best way affects skin.

Council No. 2
You shouldn’t repeat procedure more than two times. After the end of depilation the remains of wax are removed water and for calm of skin are wiped by a cube of ice of camomile broth.
It must be kept in mind that wax depilation has contraindications, and it is necessary to apply it with care.

Care of skin after procedure

Wax strips for an epilation: rules of effective use The general recommendations after any depilation are that some days it is impossible to sunbathe neither on the sun, nor in a sunbed.

Also it is impossible to accept thermal procedures: bathtub, bath, sauna.

It is worth postponing sports activities as the strengthened sweating will irritate skin for couple of days.

On a place of remote hair often there are red points which spoil appearance of skin. Of course, they pass over time, however their elimination can be accelerated.

Means on care of skin after depilation:

  • Cream or spray Pantenol,
  • Hydrogen peroxide,
  • Hlorgeksidin,
  • Solkoseril,
  • Oil of an aloe or tea tree,
  • Children’s cream,
  • A face cream with extract of a calendula, a camomile, sea-buckthorn,
  • The moisturizing creams.

All these funds help to withdraw or weaken an inflammation and to accelerate restoration of a normal state of skin. To start them using, that is to apply on skin, it is necessary at once upon termination of procedure.

Perception skin of various means at each person the therefore it is necessary to choose those means which you already used. If it wasn’t necessary yet, perhaps, it is necessary to try not one before the most successful is chosen.

It is important to know that all spirit tonics and lotions dry skin therefore after their use it is necessary to apply the moisturizing cream. After all dry skin is more vulnerable.

Oils of an aloe and tea tree promote the fastest healing and restoration. However you shouldn’t apply them on skin after depilation in pure form. They need to be added to the moisturizing cream or to dissolve in oil. Only after that it is possible to use.

In 3-4 days after depilation process leather a srub!

Quite often fine effect on removal of irritation and acceleration of restoration of skin is rendered by the simplest means which are applied and in usual conditions. It is children’s cream or a face creams. It is better if they are with the moistening effect.

Approximately in 3-4 days it is recommended to process leather in depilation places a srub. It will reduce risk of emergence of the grown hairs.

Council No. 3
Attention! It is necessary to remove a wax strip against growth of hair, otherwise it can lead to violation of integrity of indumentum and, as a result, growing of hair under skin and to development of various inflammatory processes.

Merits and demerits of strips for an epilation

As any other goods at wax strips have pluses and minuses to choose the most suitable way of an epilation, it is worth getting acquainted with it from all directions.


  • Convenience and availability: special conditions aren’t required, it is possible to carry out depilation even if you are not at home.
  • Profitability: one strip can use several times.
  • Long effect: till 4 weeks depending on specific features.
  • Gradual deterioration of growth of hair because of a regular travmatization of bulbs.


  • Painful feelings during procedure,
  • Feeling of stickiness of skin because of the wax remains,
  • Not always all is possible to depilate and it is necessary to clean tweezers,
  • Probability of bruises or grazes on skin at insufficient fixing during an otryvaniye of strips,
  • Risk of development of an allergy to components of the structure covering strips
  • Risk of an oblamyvaniye of hair because of what they can accelerate growth,
  • Probability of emergence of a rough hard hair when using wax strips on a face.

At acquaintance to responses it is possible to meet negative which speak about low-quality removal of hair. When using wax strips it is better to choose special and to use only to destination. For example, isn’t necessary strips for removal of hair standing to do a bikini zone epilation.

Nevertheless the producer as much as possible considers features of growth and a structure of hair in different zones. According to it density, components of the structure applied on strips, its thickness is defined.

If the first procedure of removal of hair with use of wax strips was unsuccessful, perhaps, something was not so. It is worth getting acquainted with the instruction more attentively. Perhaps, the technology of performance of this type of an epilation after viewing of video telling about it will be more clear to someone.

Much manage to be accustomed from the second or third time, and all subsequent procedures are undergone smoothly. However it is quite possible that this way of removal of hair won’t suit someone. It is possible that the irritation of skin will be very strong. Then it is necessary to choose other way of an epilation.

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Goods price

Wax strips for an epilation: rules of effective use Cost of strips the very different.

For example, Veet for normal skin in number of 12 pieces cost an average of 9 USD.

Byly for depilation of the person — 8 USD, Shary for a hard hair — 6 USD.

The price most of all depends on quantity of strips in packing, and, the their is more, the more economic it turns out.

Wax strips which part various components which are looking after skin, for example, essential oils are are more expensive. But after their use will be problems with skin less, and it will quicker be restored.

In what sum procedure will manage, difficult to tell as it depends on number of hair and the area of the processed skin site. During removal of hair from a face of one packing in 12 pieces can be enough on several times.

If it is necessary to depilate standing, it is possible that for once the whole packing will leave, especially, if they grow on all surface of a shin.

The choice of wax strips is always individual because each organism has features.

You will be able to find additional information on this subject in the section Epilation.